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It's a speed sensor switch on the car that needs to be replaced. I don't know where the first answer is coming from. I'm not aware of any switch regarding the speed sensors, maybe I'm tired. I would suspect a problem in the electrcial system- battery, alternator being the most probable. answer speed sensor will not shut down ans engine nor will it prevent it from cranking or starting. sounds like an electrical problem to me could even be your ignition switch most likely in your computer if it was battery anew battery will fix it also a a bad battery will affect your computer alternator will not stop it from cranking

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1982 Deville 4.1V8 cranks no start after previously running good and has quit running on its own during driving. Why would it crank like crazy and not start after previously running good?

Does it crank faster than normal? perhaps timing chain Check for fuel Check for spark

Why does my 1992 Buick Lesabre stop running when it gets warm after driving it for awhile and when it takes corners?

I put a new crank sensor in it, and now it runs great!

Will running a Chrysler cirrus out of gas make it not crank?


Can the crank sensor cause a car to quit running?


When you crank your car why do it be idling up high and then it idle back down to normal?

When you crank it? What are you driving a Model T Ford?

Your 95 eagle talon tsi died on the freeway while you were operating it but your battery was fine and headlights stayed on any ideas?

crank position sensor

My car wont start after driving it for a while and when it sits without running it will then start?

Check the cars ignition coil and crank sensor. Either of these could be overheating and causing the car to not start until it sits for a while.

Why would a Chrysler 300m stop running while driving?

Ran out of gas, failed alternator, crank sensor, cam sensor, PCM, timing belt, ignition coil, fuel pump, broken wiring,

What can cause engine to just cut out while running?

Crank angle sensor

What will happen to your car if the crankshaft sensor goes out?

It will not stay running with out a crank sensor.

Would a bad crank sensor on a jeep cause it to jerk while driving it?


Why would oldsmobile alero stop running while driving?

out of fuel, bad alternator/battery, mechanical frailer. need more info., does it crank? fuel level? any lights on dash board when car shut off?

Should a new motor be purchased when a crank shaft sensor needs to be replaced?

no no no my crank sensor when out on my truck ar 95k now i have 125k and she is still running good

'What would cause a 1996 ford 7.3 shut off while driving'?

Crank trigger

Why does your Buick chug and die while driving?

Happened to me .. it was the crank sensor. Pretty inexpensive to fix

Why does your dodge ram 250 van backfire?

if it backfires when driving most crank sensors cause this

94 infinity J30 that stalls after 30 minutes of driving the car will not crank for a few minutes then after the car will crank and drive?

possibly your crankshaft sensor or ignition control module

Why would a ml 320 Mercedes Benz turn off in the middle of the freeway and not start?

When this happened on my 1999 ml 320, it was the crank shaft positioning sensor. After replacement-problem solved.

Your vw crafter just stopped running and wont crank?

diagnose starting system. chances are its there

Purpose of a battery?

to crank the engine and then function as a capacitor for unused electrical energy when the alternator is running

1990 Buick LeSabre when I am driving it cuts off and sometimes it'll crank back and sometimes it takes a long time I was told it was my coil pack?

My 90 lesabre did the same thing. When it cut off after driving I sprayed water on the crank sensor and it started right back up. A buick mechanic told me to do this and this is how I found out the crank sensor was bad!

Why does antifreeze leak from the crank wheel at bottom of 1989 dodge caravan?

antifreeze is more likely to be leaking from the water pump and running down where it appears to leaking from crank pulley

1999 Mazda protege 1.6L engine died while driving under normal freeway conditions. Engine wouldn't crank had to wait 5 minutes to restart. Have new post cat O2 senor but got P0421 code. Ideas?

i had a similar problem before,usually if your running lean it could be the fuel pump.if not fuel related then check ignition system modules sometimes overheat and cause car to shut down then come on once cooled down.

Why does your 1988 Buick Regal not start when you try to crank it after it has been running?

if it has a crankshaft sensor that's bad

1985 Chevy citation driving down the road the car is running fine then all the sudden the car stall out but car still crank right up?

Replace the fuel filter, and see if that helps. You may very well have a fuel pump that is failing.