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It's a speed sensor switch on the car that needs to be replaced. I don't know where the first answer is coming from. I'm not aware of any switch regarding the speed sensors, maybe I'm tired. I would suspect a problem in the electrcial system- battery, alternator being the most probable. answer speed sensor will not shut down ans engine nor will it prevent it from cranking or starting. sounds like an electrical problem to me could even be your ignition switch most likely in your computer if it was battery anew battery will fix it also a a bad battery will affect your computer alternator will not stop it from cranking

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โˆ™ 2007-01-24 19:40:08
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Q: Your car was running fine and you were driving on the freeway and then it just slowed down and shut down you tried to start it back up but it won't crank What is wrong?
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Does it crank faster than normal? perhaps timing chain Check for fuel Check for spark

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I put a new crank sensor in it, and now it runs great!

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crank position sensor

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It will not stay running with out a crank sensor.

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Check the cars ignition coil and crank sensor. Either of these could be overheating and causing the car to not start until it sits for a while.

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