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In my experience if the car will not start and it is a rapid clicking sound when turning the ignition it indicates a dead battery. You'll need to get a jump and wait a few minutes before trying to turn the car on again. If the battery is really dead it will take up to 10 minutes to recharge. Each time you try to turn the car on while it is being recharged it will lose the charge it has obtained and you will have to start over in time for recharging it. If you think your battery should not be dead when it is, you may want to get your alternator checked by taking it into any auto parts store as this will drain your battery prematurely.

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Q: Your car wont start but it makes a clicking sound?
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Truck wont start it just makes a click sound?

If a truck makes a clicking sound and won't start, the battery maybe dead. The battery should be charged with jumper cables and another vehicle.

Car wont start makes a clicking sound?

Low/dead battery, loose/dirty battery connections, bad starter,

What if car wont start and your hear clicking sound?

Its the starter or celenoid

When you start your computer you hear a clicking you can hear a clicking sound and then it wont start up?

I actually had this problem with my first xbox. It turned out to be the hard drive.

Why wont my Rover 420 diesel start this morning has a clicking sound?

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

Car wont start makes clicking sound and you just replaced battery?

If it starts with jumper cables you still have a battery problem. The battery is too small, is not charged, or you have a bad cable or connection.

2000 ford focus wont start tryed jumping didnt start makes clicking sound?

The starter is bad and the brushes need changed you can change them your self for dirt cheap or replace the whole starter for more money.

Why does my 1995 Ford Explorer just clicks and won't start?

why wont my 1995 ford explorer not start? It just makes a clicking noise?

When you attempt to start your 2004 Saturn Vue it makes a very fast metal sounding clicking type sound and it wiil not start?

check your battery connections....sometimes when you have a loose ground or the positive cable is not secure to the battery it wont make a complete connection and the clicking sound results.....had it happen before...simple fix of just tightening and/or cleaning the connections to the battery terminals

What is wrong when a relay is clicking on a 1999 Camry and the car wont make a sound when you try to start it?

Possible battery, starter or connection problem.

Mazda Mpv wont start but makes a click sound?

battery is low. get a boost or charge the battery.

What happens when a 92 caravan wont start but makes a clicking noise repeatedly though it will start with a jump?

If the 1992 Dodge Caravan won't start but makes a clicking noise, it is probably a combination of things. The starter solenoid is making the battery go dead between starts. Replace both and the problem should be solved.

Your car wont start was making a clicking sound and now it its doing anything.?

sounds like a flat battery get a battery charger or jumpstart it with jump leads

My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder wont start. It makes a clicking noise and the clicking noise continues for a few seconds after I try to start it. The speedometer also twitches. Any idea what the problem is?

it sounds like a dead battery recharge and try again

Charged battery for serveral hours but car still wont start and makes a clicking sound?

change the battery every time I've had that it's been the battery the likely problem is not the battery but the solenoid that is attached to the starter motor

Why wont my traxxas slash move forward or backward without making a clicking sound?

because the gears are clicking on each other when they spin.

2002 f150 clicking noise wont start?

Low battery voltage .?

Wont start makes clicking noise when you turn it over?

Does the engine turn over and then make the clicking noise while trying to start, or does it not do anything but make the clicking noise when you turn the key. If its not turning over at all then it might be a battery problem, Try cleaning the battery terminals, and/or charge the battery, Could also be the starter solenoid, but start with the battery first.

00 Plymouth voyager won't start the battery is good but it wont turn over it just makes a click. any ideas?

most of the time just a clicking sound when trying to start a car means that the starter or solonoid is bad. try changing the solonoid first and then the starter. Hope this helps.

93 grand Cherokee Laredo wont start clicking noise from relay box when you turn key to start position Most of the clicking sound is coming from the fuel pump relay What is going on?

The Cherokee Laredo usually has an electromagnet in the relay box to close or open the circuit in the fuel pump relay. When it is faulty, it will make more attempts to click on or off and that repetitive process causes the annoying clicking sound.

Why wont your ford f150 2004 start all lights and ect work it just makes a clicking noise?

That is a sign or dead battery or battery terminals are corroded

Your riding lawn more makes a clicking sound and wont turn on?

The battery is dead , or there is a lose wire some where or the ground is lose. Also the starter can be bad or the wires could be lose.

1995 sable makes a clicking sound but wont start and the battery is good any ideas?

Check the leads to the starter and also if the battery has a full charge (should be around 12.4 volts). There may be a short in the wiring, fried starter solenoid or a wiring issue.

Why wont your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee not start The key will turn then the gauges go haywire but no ignition. There is a clicking sound from the fuse panel anyone have an idea?

Could be low battery power. Not enough to start the engine.