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Most places will not allow you to use a straight pipe. The catalytic converter is used to cut down on emissions which is against most government regulations and is a ticketable offence in Canada.

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Q: Your cat converter is going bad on your cavalier should you replace it with a straight pipe if so would it be louder?
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Is a truck louder without catalytic converters?

It can be, but it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.It can be, but it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.

How do i make a Straight 6 sound louder?

You could cut the catalytic converter and muffler off and straight pipe it (If you don't care about losing gas mileage.) Or you could pay a professional to install Melo-Tones or Flowmaster exhaust system.

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How do you make exhaust on Dodge Ram louder you already have flowmaster 40 series and a cutout and you want to make it louder Is that possible without making it too illegal?

take the catalytic converter off. you can punch the guts out of the converter so you have a pipe to got back on the exhaust.

How do you make your 1991 s10 blazer louder for cheap?

get a straight pipe

Why after changing a catalytic converter and muffler the exhaust is now loud?

Exhaust leak, muffler is a louder type, improper instillation, etc.Exhaust leak, muffler is a louder type, improper instillation, etc.

How do you make your 91 F-150 sound louder?

Reamove the exaust just after the converter and run strait pipe

Does a car have to have a catalitic converter?

by law yes..atleast in my state but the car will run no problem without just makes it louder

Is straight pipes louder than a glass pack?

straight pipes are louder than glass packs at first, glass packs have glass wool inside to help muffle the sound, when the glass wears out they get louder, it also depends on the length of the glass pack. if you get glass packs, you can run the car for awhile and shut it down and then spray water in the pipe, it will break down the glass, it might not be as loud as straight pipes but it will give you a better even sound versus straight pipes, I have both and done both.

Can you relocate the catalytic converter?

To be honest. I don't see a problem with that. The closer to the header(s), the louder the exhaust. At least that's what I've heard.

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What will happen if you gut the catalytic converter of a 2000 GMC sierra.?

It will make your truck a lot louder, hurt fuel mileage, and make the check engine light come on and it is illegal to do this.

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