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it is never to soon when ever you are emotionaly ready if you are going to go ohh my last cat used to love that seat that our new cat is sitting in then no but if you get another cat it will make you forget about the pain of losing your cat

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Why do cats only have 1 kitten in a litter?

Maybe the rest of the sperm from the male died.

Do mother cats know when kittens have died?

Yes but she will refuse to believe it and still treat the kitten as if it were alive.

What is the name of an old animated childrens film about a kitten living on the streets?

A family move and leave their cats behind... later in the movie the kitten is looked after by a homeless man but one day he finds the homeless man has died?

Does a cat know when her kitten has died?

I think it depends on the cat. My mom had a cat and her kitten died and for like the next year or two she was looking for her kitten.

What cats in the book warrior cats midnight have died?

No cats died in this book.

Did Taylor Swift have a kitten that died?


What does mean when a kitten is still born?

"Stillborn" means the kitten has died prior to birth and is born dead.

When did Dexter The Kitten die?

Dexter The Kitten died on August 15, 2011, in Brooksville, Florida, USA.

William Wallace died how?

The bloody English tortured and killed him. Freedom!

What did Hades do to people to punish them?

When they died, they were sent to the Fields of Punishment to be tortured.

Was Marie-Antoinette's child tortured to death?

No. He was treated quite badly in prison, but not tortured. He died of Tuberculosis, certainly aggravated by the conditions in which he had to live.

Which cats died in Fire and Ice Warrior cats I read it moons ago?

I mean Which cats died in Warriors Fire And Ice?" I read it 7 moons ago!!!

How many cats and dogs died during the plague?

100 cats died and 300 doges died in the plage

My kitten died?

Sorry to read that your kitten died. I too have had kittens die. It hurts emotionally and I feel very sad. Go through a mourning period and dispose of the kitten properly. I have a special burial plot in my yard for kittens. I recently buried a kitten that I called 'Precious'. I got a special box to put the kitten in and buried it. Then I put some rocks over its grave and wrote its name on it. I was heart broken and I cried. I loved the kitten a lot. Good luck. Hope you get another kitten that you love as much.

What does it mean when your cat eats a kitten?

It sounds like domination or battle for the fittest. If the cat is not the kittens mother this is natural. If the kitten is not protected by its mother the kitten is at risk to being killed until it grows older to protect itself. Obviously, the genetics of the mother wasn't fit enough to stay with and protect its offspring. Psychologically, your cat may see the kitten as a threat to its own existence when it grows older. Or maybe your cat was just hungry XD Addendum to above answer: It could also be that the kitten was sickly and posed a threat to the rest of the kittens. Sometimes mother cats will eat a sickly kitten who has died in order to protect the rest of the kittens from dying of the same illness.

Do female cats care if one of their kittens died?

They don't care so much to the point where they will get mad. They may start looking for that dead kitten, but it doesn't change their everyday routine. All in all, the mother cat won't really care if one of her kittens are missing. She'll think "Hey, one less kitten to feed"

What does firestar from warrior cats look like?

firestar is a ginger tabby with white fur over his mouth he has green eyes and when he was a kitten he was called firepaw then he grew up to be fireheart then when bluestar died he became leader and was renamed firestar.

Who are all of the warrior cats of starclan?

all cats who died in the story

Who are all the cats in starclan?

Cats who used to live in the clans and died.

Do cats breathe?

If he/she died then no. But on the other hand, yes, cats breath.

How did the Japanese occupation effect Singapore?

They tortured Singaporeans and many Singaporeans were hurt, some died.

When did Cats Falck die?

Cats Falck died on 1984-11-18.

Was Robin Hood tortured to death?

yes by the sheriff of nottinghham No, Robin Hood died from excessive bleeding.

Was ann frank ever tortured?

yes, she was sent to a concention camp and died at seventeen years old.

How slaves felt?

slaves felt terrible and frightened. they felt frightened because they died and they were being tortured