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Your chapter 13 is to expensive 61000 in debt any alternatives?


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61k is bad but not that bad.....its basically time to budget out.

1. catagorize your bills from least to greatest

2. pay all your bills.

3. put 20 bux extra each month on the smallest bill

4. when your finished paying the smallest bill move what you were paying (and the 20 bux) to the next smallest bill (in addition to what you were already paying.

5. keep doing this till your bills are payed off.

6. it will take some time but be patient...and dont fall into commercial temptation (cable might have to go, find free activities, buy as you need.)

easier said than done i know....but this is the way

My kudo's as the above is just a great perspective and "how to".

And consider - the amount your saying is "too much" really about as much as a well set up car, truck or SUV costs, that sit in many a driveway - (well actually, many cost much more) and is absolutely nothing special to see going down the road...a thousand time a day. People who aren'told enough to get out of High School yet will be paying for one within a few years.

You think your situation....essentially the value of a car/truck over a lifetime (heck, make it a few years), is absolutely extreme? Doesn't really make sense in perspective does the man suggests - work it through!