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It sounds like the ignition module is going bad. It heats up and stops working. It was once believed that this problem plagued only Ford models. It is a rarer condition for GM but it does exist.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 17:26:27
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Q: Your chev s10 1995 will not start again when engine has warm up Starters replaceed tune up and timing checkout ok New starter cable replaced Have to wait 10 minuites before it will start again?
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1971 350 camaro i have gone through 6 starters and have replaced the flywheel still going through starters can you help?

if the engine has high comprshen it will eat starters

If stud on your starter that connects to your battery broke can it be replaced?

Yes, by a shop that rebuilds starters.

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Will a high torque starter work on a flat spotted flywheel Cause the regular starters just hit the flywheel.?

The answer to the question is no. If the flywheel is ground or damaged it needs to be replaced.

1971 camaro 350 automatic transmission i have replaced the flywheel and gone through 6 starters no one can figure out problem can you help?

bad ground wire or not enough ground

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How do you tell if its a starter going bad on a 1986 Mazda 626 Non Turbo?

Starters generally will begin dragging, grinding, or develop a dead spot. At first it is just a quirk , but they contine to get worse and the problem happens more frequently. If the starter just clicks, make sure you have good, clean connections. Many starters have been replaced needlessly due to dirty cables.

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1984 ford ranger just had the clutch replaced when you got it back the starter sounds like they left a tool in there you have battled with the repair shop since you have been through 3 starters since?

it may be that your flywheel is loose, and the starter is jumping the teeth,

Why wont my 2002 grand am start Starters just makes a funny noise already replaced starter still does the same thing zweeeee sound?

since you have replaced the starter, the mostlikely cause is the flywheel. there are probably a few teeth missing on it. Try turning the engine manually a little and then start the engine. if it starts this is probably the case. if not the fly wheel may still be damaged.

I replaced starter 6 times in 6 month period and have replaced the flywheel I am still going through starters I have a 1971 350 camaroNoone can figure out why this is happening Can you help?

If you have headers put a heat shield over the starter. That is what fixed my 84 C-10 starter issues. If it is a gear alignment problem try shimming. If it is a electrical problem try the heat shield.

What is wrong if your car hesitates to start for a few days and finally a few days later it won't turn over. I have an 03 XG350L never replaced the starter. How long do starters last?

Starters are normally good for at least ten years. Often they last much, much longer. BUT, they do occasionally fail sooner. Yours does not sound like a starter problem. Recharge the battery and jump start the car and get it to a competent mechanic.

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