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sounds like you have a worn out clutch.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 21:15:29
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Q: Your clutch pedal in your Saturn Sl2 pushes in all the way but the car barly moves all gears go in but you accelerate and it moves very slowly what can be the cause of that?
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How do shift gears in all down gear shift bikes?

For first gear, Hold the clutch, press the gear down, accelerate slowly and leave the clutch gradually... For the rest of the gears, hold clutch, press the gear down accelerate a little more than the current moving speed and leave the clutch a little faster than before...

You get problems when starting to accelerate the car starts very slowly and then picks up what could be the cause?

You could have a slipping clutch which is not transmitting the drive correctly.

What are the symptoms of a clutch going out?

The sign of a worn clutch is failure to accelerate as rapidly as usual: the engine will race and the car will only slowly pick up speed. Eventually, you will shift into gear and the car won't move at all.

Can give you a sentence for accelerate?

Try to accelerate slowly when leaving the stop light.

How do you use accelerate in a short sentence?

Try to accelerate slowly when leaving the stop light.

What would cause a 1999 Saturn sl2 to sputter when you accelerate slowly when you punch it it will rev up then kick in and wont sputter but will when you accelerate normally?


Why does your truck shudder when you accelerate slowly?

Check motor mounts

When should a clutch need repair in an Acura 2006 TL?

Assuming that your car has a tachometer, accelerate moderately hard in an empty lot (or other unobstructed and deserted area) and watch your tach and speedometer. If you're confident that your final drive will take the stress, just sidestep the clutch and launch. If you don't move (or take off slowly) and the tach rockets up, then your clutch is slipping, and it's time to replace it. If you're accustomed to the car, however, you should become aware of a slipping clutch -- it'll be obvious; you just won't accelerate.

Does Saturn move?

yes but very slowly

Starting out when traction is poor?

Accelerate slowly with the vehicle in a higher gear

How does Saturn move?

Saturn moves because of the big bang and moves very slowly.

How do you release clutch when changing to higher gears slowly or quickly?

Slowly and if you are good you can change gears without using the clutch. Takes a little practice and a good ear or feel for when the engie is running at the speed to change without the clutch.

What causes a squealing sound on a 1992 Saturn SL when you accelerate?

the belt or belts need tightening, most likely the alternator since it puts a lot of drag on the engine and will speed up more slowly than the engine can.

Why does 2000 BMW 328I accelerate slowly?

Because it comes with 193bhp from the factory.

What causes the transmission to slip and the car to accelerate slowly?

On a manual car it would probably be a worn out clutch. On an auto trans it could be a low oil level or pump problem, a torque converter fault or most commonly a slipping brake band.

Is it normal for the fan clutch to turn slowly while in park on a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Yes, the fan clutch is temperature sensitive and at cold the clutch can be expected to freewheel the fan.

When a warm air mass pushes up a cold and slowly moves out of the way?

Warm front

How do you ride a clutch on a dirt bike?

hold the clutch lever in, rev the bike a little bit, then slowly release the lever until you start to move a little bit. when you want to shift, either mash the gears or i guess you could pull the clutch lever , shift into another gear, then release slowly.

How do you ride a dirt bike with clutch?

hold the clutch lever in, rev the bike a little bit, then slowly release the lever until you start to move a little bit. when you want to shift, either mash the gears or i guess you could pull the clutch lever , shift into another gear, then release slowly.

At what point does the vehicle begin to move when you slowly release your foot from the clutch?

At the friction point

How do you know f you need a new clutch?

There are generally 3 problems that indicate that the clutch has failed, or is about two. 1. Violent juddering of the vehicle as you pull away from a stand-still, and perhaps also when changing gear. 2. Inability to select any gear. An effect similar to not actually having depressed the clutch pedal at all. (The clutch is failing to disengage.) 3. The car does no pull away, or does so extremely slowly, and engine speed rises when you try to accelerate, but road speed does not increase. (The clutch is slipping. it feels similar to driving an automatic car,). 1 & 2 you will notice. 3 is easy to test. Engage the hand-brake/Parking brake. Select first gear, and try and pull away normally, slowly. If the clutch is good the car engine will stall. If the clutch is worn out you will be able to take your foot of the clutch pedal while in first gear, with the engine running, and the car will not move. (do not do this for more than 3 or 4 seconds, or you may do more damage!)

How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch on a 91 cavalier?

The hydraulic clutch on a 91 Chevy Cavalier is bled by slowly pumping the clutch and releasing the bleeder valve. The valve is closed and the process repeated until all air is removed.

What does a lifter do?

it follows the cam and pushes on the push rod wich pushes on the rocker wich pushes on the valve stem to open the valve it also acts as a damper to keep the valve clearance to zero by slowly leaking the oil that fills it when the engine is running hope this answers your question

How do you adjust clutch on 1998 mustang?

On a 1998 Ford Mustang : With the engine OFF - put your gearshift in first gear - put your foot under the clutch pedal and gently lift the clutch pedal until the pedal stops - slowly push the clutch pedal down - you will hear a click if your clutch needed adjusting and adjusted itself

What Actions Use Up Manual Transmission Clutches?

assuming clutch linkage is properly adjusted, holding foot on clutch pedal while driving, letting the clutch pedal out too slowly starting out in a higher gear than 1st