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The most obvious cause of this is that the power settings on your computer are set to shut off your monitor after a given number of idle minutes. If you right mouse click on your desktop and click properties then select the Screen Saver tab and click the Power button. Change the Turn Monitor Off to a better greater time period.

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HOW can a computer turn off by itself?

A computer can not turn off by itself. The monitor just turns blank it you leave it. To turn off the computer you have to prees the on button on your computer. If you press the botton on the monitor it is not turning the computer off... just the screen.

What does it mean when your computer turns on by itself and has a gray screen?


What do you do when your computer screen turns sideways?

Alt +ctrl + arrow key....

How do you know if you have the blue screen of death?

your computer freezes and the screen turns blue and has a bunch of random words on it

Why does my computer crash when an internet connection is enabled?

when im not connected to the internet, the computer will run fine. when i turn on the wireless internet connection, the computer turns off and the same happens when i use a wire to connect to the internet.

Why does your laptop screen turn black after a few minutes?

There are many instances in which a laptop screen turns black. If the screen turns black after a few minutes, on a consistent basis, your laptop is either running a "blank" screen saver or it is entering some type of power-save mode (i.e. sleep or hibernation).

Do you have a virus if your computer screen turns blue and restarts itself?

Its the blue screen of death you need a new hard drive :(

What do you do when the computer screen turns sideways?

You simply press CTRL+ALT+the UP arrow This works.

When you start your laptop it turns on but the screen is blank?

If your laptopscreen does not show anything - not even a manufacturers/microsoft logo during start-up, it is likely your screen is broken. If your laptopscreen shows a very faint picture, it is likely the backlight of your laptop screen is broken / disconnected. If however, everything is normal, up to when you would normally see your login screen, but then your screen goes black, it is likely to be a setting on your computer, which you yourself can fix.

What does the right click on mouse do?

On the regular screen, it brings up a tool box with options in it that you can use on the computer. Turns the computer off

Why does the computer screen stay dark when the computer is on?

Because there is no input from the computer, and nothing to display. Having nothing else to do, it turns off the lights an just sits there.

How do you turn your computer screen sideways?

You can simply hold down together Ctrl + Alt + any arrow keys to turn your computer sideways the way the arrow points is the way the screen turns.

Fossils are formed in rocks when the blank body parts of an organism get buried in blank and are preserved when it turns to blank?

# # #

How does the weather people point to stuff when there is a green screen behind them?

They are actually looking at a large computer screen off to the side, which turns out to be right in front of them, but off-camera. This screen shows the part added to the green screen.

What are three symptoms of a CPU that is beginning to fail?

There are 4 symptoms that can be identified as CPU failure. - System halt errors (famously known as blue screen of death) that calls out the processor as an issue. - Computer powers on, but turns off immediately. - Computer turns on, fans run at highest speeds, still no POST, and operating system not loading. - Computer turns on, no beeps, no screen. Does not POST (Power-On Self Test). Hope this will help you.

What does it mean when your iPod Touch has a blank white screen?

I have found that when I leave it on the charger too long it turns white. If this is not the case, you may have gotten it wet. If it does not dry within the next hour or so, you may have altered the screen white.

Your iPods frozen what do i do?

If your iPod is frozen just hold the middle and top bottom for about eh 6 seconds, or until the screen turns black/blank. Hope this fixes your problem.

Your computer screen has turned sideways?

By clicking CTRL+ALT+Left Arrow; the screens turns 90 degrees.By clicking CTRL+ALT+Down Arrow; the screens turns 180 degrees.By clicking CTRL+ALT+Right Arrow; the screens turns 270 degrees.By clicking CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow; the screens turns to the normal screen.

What happens if you delete OpenAl from your computer?

it crashes the screen turns bleu then orange and then it says "ALERT" i removed it on my PC from windows 7

What happens if your psp turns on but not the screen?

your screen isnt working

What is the difference between sleep mode and hibernate?

Sleep mode makes the computer "Stand By." The monitor turns off and the computer goes on power saving mode. Hibernation turns off the computer off, but saves everything that you were doing (such as your internet pages or word documents open at the time) for when you next turn on the computer.

Your ematic mp3 player turns onto a blue screen?

my ematic mp3 player turns onto a blue screen

What if your action replay turns white and freezes at the home screen you had edited your codes on the computer but now it wont work what do you do and how do i reset it?

reset or unpplug it

What do you do if your iPod touch screen turns white and freezes won't turn off and doesn't respond when you plug it into the computer?

take it to the apple store.

You turn on your windows xp computer and see the system display post messages Then the screen turns blue with no text?

The source of the problem is the VIDEO CARD