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If he is awarded custody because you're trying to take his child away from him, he won't be paying.

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Q: Your court order was filed in Ontario but your son and you are moving to Edmonton does his father still have to pay child support?
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If i moving out of country with my daughter does her dad still have to pay child support?

You/your child's moving out of country would not, in itself, affect the father's support obligation. But hopefully he try to put a stop to it.

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Moving to Ontario What can happen if you decide NOT to exchange your current driver license for an Ontario license?

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What if your daughter turns 18 in June She is moving out of your home Her Father pays child support still because she is in high school What happens to the child support if she moves out?

it goes directly to the child.

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Does the fact that a Father moving on with his life having a pregnant girlfriend and moving in with said girlfriend change child support order?

No it will not. He knows how much he has to pay so he knows if he can afford more children or not.

If the father moves abroad does he yet have to follow the obligations of child support?

Yes, under the Hague Treaty. Only mothers are immune when moving.

My son's father wants to move out of state and has not paid support in 2 months what can i do prior to him moving?

Remind him that it's a dumb idea, from a father's right advocate. Why is he behind, and is he moving to find work? You can't stop him moving unless he's $5000 behind. If he's in arrears due to a job loss, help him get the amount modified. see link

If child lives with mother in a different state does the father pay support where the child resides or where the father resides?

The court that issued the order has jurisdiction but moving can complicate the situation. You should consult with an attorney or some other child support enforcement specialist. Courts will enforce child support orders from other states however, with reduced staff, it may be difficult to find that kind of support.

If a mother has custody of a child can she waive child support and move without consent of the father?

Child support may be waived only with the consent of the court/agency that entered the order. The divorce or support order may contain language about moving the child.

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If the child lives in a different state and the father can not visit does he have to pay child support?

Absolutely. Visitation and child support are 2 different issues, separated in court. The child will still have to be fed etc regardless of where he lives. If it was that easy to get out of child support all people had to do was moving out of state.

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Does a father that stays in New Jersey have to pay child if his spouse with the child moves to Canada?

The child's moving out of the country would not, in itself, relieve the absent parent of his support obligation.

Can a father avoid paying child support by moving to a different state?

No, once he gets a job and submits his social security number they will track him. If he doesn't do that then they can issue a warrant for his arrest, take away his license, and do more. Once a judge says you owe child support you owe child support.

12 yr old daughter is contemplating on moving with her father who makes pretty good money and is currently paying child support. If custody is changed will the mother be ordered to pay child support?

It's possible. Each parent is jointly and severally liable for support, regardless of the financial situation of the other.

Is the father responsible for child support if the mother allows the minor to move in with boyfriend in the state of Florida?

Yes. A minor moving out with parental permission before she is 18 is not emancipated. You have to pay until she is.

Can you take your child to another state if he has a noncustodial parent whom doesnt pay child support?

Child support and child custody are handled separately. In most cases delinquent child support payment does not affect the rights of the father. The father can still petition to avoid you moving the child out of state but, doesn't necessarily mean it will be granted. Unless both parents can come to an arrangement/agreement in what's in the best interest of the child.

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When a child is seventeen and wants to live with grandparents to finish school because her mother is moving just outside the school district can the father stop paying child support here in Louisiana?

no he can not aloud to do that no he can not aloud to do that

Mother moved to Florida from NJ 5 years ago child support went up a lot prior to her moving to Florida and she never contacted the court son is turning 18 in December.will the father still pay?

The father must pay until the child is out of high school, not just until he is 18. As long as the court has the address, the payments would continue. Her moving does not make a difference.

Can a divorced father be stopped from escaping child support and from abandoning his children by moving to China?

No. The CSA has no jurisdiction in China or abroad. Though the CSA can apply to the court system they have an agreement with, but they do not in China nor Thailand have any agreement.