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You could be pregnant. Take a test to be sure.

2006-07-16 15:33:14
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Can a woman have a period what time she is pregnant?

normally once you are pregnant , your periods stop. but sometimes , some ladys still get a show every month, so they dont always think they are pregnant, because the think they are still having periods.

Can lady ever gets pregnant when she normally have her periods?

yes she can

Can a women have a period when she's pregnant?

its possible but not commonNot normally It is possible to have periods while pregnant.

You had abdominal surgery at the beginning of october and my period came on time but this month im 5 days late could you be pregnant?

abdominal surgery doesn't get you pregnant... neither do late periods for that matter

Will women have periods during a tubular pregnancy?

Not normally ... her body thinks its pregnant.

You are 50 years you have your period normally. Can you be pregnant?

Almost any woman who has periods can get pregnant (assuming they have unprotected sex).

How do you notice when pregnant?

Your stomach will be bigger, you often will get morning sickness. And your periods normally stop. TAKE NOTE: Sometimes they don't, but they normally would do.

Do long periods mean your pregnant?

No. If you are having periods, you are not pregnant.

Can you have three heavy periods and still be pregnant?

No you can't as when you are pregnant your periods stop for the time you are pregnant

Why do I have hard painful nipples with no regular periods?

because you are pregnant dummy

Can you get pregnant with the contraceptive implant and still have periods?

can you get pregnant when your on the implant and still have periods

What can you get a girl pregnant?

Hey, For a girl to get pregnant they will need to have started there periods, girls normally start there periods from about age 11 to 16. To get her pregnant you will need to have sex. Make sure if you are just having sex and don't want to get her pregnant that she goes on the pill ( go to the doctors clinic or hospital for info) or that you wear a condom. Make sure you put the condom on safely securely and accurate because it could rip and that could make the girl pregnant.

Do you still have periods when your pregnant?

No, when your pregnant your periods stop completely. Then return after the birth. This is because your egg is being used and isn't going to be flushed away, meaning no blood can be released.

Can you get your period while the egg is being fertilized?

no because if the egg is then fertilised, then you will become pregnant, and you do not have periods while you are pregnant.

Follicle is not ruptured but periods are regular can you get pregnant?

One can always GET pregnant. You are probably not currently pregnant if you have regular periods.

How old does a girl have to be when they can get pregnant?

there is no particular minimum age for pregnancy to occur but of course when a female starts having mensis normally after initial two to three periods she can get pregnant sa

Is women get pregnant when she is having periods?

No. Women can not get pregnant while they have their periods because here is no egg cell to be fertilised by a sperm cell. The egg cell is getting through the linning of the uterus.

Why is it hard to get pregnant with irregular periods?

because you have to have periods to ovulate, and with them being irregular, im sure it would be a lot more difficult.

Who was the youngest pregnant woman ever?

Lina Medina,she was five years old. no one knows how she got pregnant because, she never told anyone. her parents thought she had an abdominal tumor. she had to have she had to have a c-section, when they did it they found out that her preproductive organs were fully devloped. she started having periods and 3 yrs old....

Can you do a pregnancy test while in your periods?

Yes you can do a pregnancy test while in your periods. But there's no need to do it because you are 100% negative. Having monthly periods means that you are not pregnant.

Will you get your periods when you are pregnant?


Could I be pregnant as I came off the cilest pill 3 weeks ago and am experiencing abdominal cramps im peeing a lot and feel bloated and NT due on periods till another week?

you most likely are pregnant

Can you be pregnant but still have normal periods?

Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

What can cause abdominal pain and missed periods?

Um, pregnancy.

Why stomach pain occur during periods?

abdominal pain