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The best thing to do is list your dad as a driver on your policy. If your dad has an accident while driving your truck then you may very well be involved in any lawsuit that is filed as a result of the accident. Make sure you have adequate liability coverage.

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Q: Your dad wants to drive one of your trucks He would get his own insurance you will be listed as the loss payee If something were to happen can you get in trouble since the truck is in your name?
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Do licenced minors have to be listed on the parents insurance policy?

Licensed minors do not need to be listed on the parents' insurance policy in this state. Any family member is included on the primary driver's insurance. However, the insurance agent must be informed about the fact that minors will be driving the car. They must be listed as drivers on a form and have an insurance card to drive legally. There is a difference between having an insurance card and being listed on the policy. Simply because they are not listed on the policy does not mean the rates will not go up. Different regulations may apply in your area.

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No he have to listed as a second third or household driver for being cover by insurance

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Your daughter has insurance where she works but wants to use your insurance as her primary Can she do this?

If your daughter is listed on your insurance policy and a premium is being collected for her, then she can use your insurance. If not, she will need to use her insurance policy at work.

How important is it for comprehensive insurance coverage to be listed on free auto insurance quotes?

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being listed as a driver on a vehicle has to do with your insurance and not the company selling the vehicle. if the insurance runs your credit report before they make a final quotation for coverage, then they could possibly deny you as being an insurable driver on a certain vehicle. it probably won't happen but could depending on what state you live in.

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Should you lose your license for no insurance if you are listed as a driver on your husband's auto insurance policy?

The question is a little confusing. If the spouse or person is listed on the insurance policy as a driver of the vehicle then they are indeed insured and shouldnot besubject to being penalized for that specific issue.

Do children have to be listed on auto insurance?

no only the drivers of the vehicle

Will my auto insurance cover my teen if he's not listed on the policy?


Do you have to be listed on your parents insurance coverage to be coverd by there insurance?

You have to be either named or you have to fit the definition of a named insured on the policy.

Will insurance pay for dog that died in home fire?

No, Your home insurance is "Property Insurance" coverage specific to the structures and contents listed in the policy. Homeowners Insurance does not compensate for loss of a pet.

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If one is the primary driver for the car in terms of insurance but does not possess the title for the car is the insurance valid?

It is if you are listed on the policy as a driver.

Your sister got into an accident with your car and you don't have insurance she is listed under the parents insurance who pays?

Parent's policy pays

Is a 35 year old son considered a child and must be added to your car insurance if he lives with you?

If he lives in your household he should be listed on your insurance policy. If your son does not live with you but sometimes drives your vehicles he should be listed on your policy and his address should be listed as a secondary garaging address.