Your daughter has had fever vomiting and severe headaches for 4 days now is this some type of virus?

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I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.
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What does it mean if a contact lens user has regular severe headaches on the right side with a vomiting sensation?

The contact lenses probably have nothing to do with it. There are many things that can cause headaches, migraines often cause nausea as well. Go and see a doctor. *If your contacts do not fit properly or are damaging your eyes you can get migraines and light sensitivity but not nausea. You should ( Full Answer )

What should you do if a 2-year-old fell off the bed a week ago and has had a fever now for 4 days?

You missed the train! Whenever a child falls from a height or hits their head on something this is good reason to at least go to a clinic or the ER. Concusion can occur hours or days later, so always have your child checked over by a doctor no matter if you feel the fall wasn't all that bad and your ( Full Answer )

What could cause sudden headache and vomiting without a fever yet blood pressure and body temperature are both normal?

well, i don't know the answer, but i will add that both my cousin and my brother experienced these same side effects. they mentioned that they had headaches and that their stomachs hurt at the beginning; however, there were no fevers involved so it wasn't contagious. later on during the night or the ( Full Answer )

For the past two days I've been feeling pretty bad with a headache cough sniffles sore throat and a lowgrade fever of 100.9. My oldest daughter is also feeling the same way. Should i stay home?

Sorry, you should go in to school. Yes, I am a teacher.. _____________________________. / urrr...... Caught! :P lol k fine ill take your word for it! :P thanks! :P. But i did get sick 3 times today... I get waves of sickness:( . ___________________________. Here's another way to look at it ( Full Answer )

You have sharp abdominal pain on your left side vomiting loose stools bloating inability to pass wind headache fever fatigue Any ideas?

It has all the symptoms of a blockage of the bowel. This requires medical attention since the fever,fatigue and headache suggest possible sepsis (bacterial infection). The doctors will first confirm blockage then search for causes. The vomiting is your bodies way of telling you it cannot take anyt ( Full Answer )

My husband has had some sort of flu since you got back from MX last week and he vomited for 2 days with a bad fever and has not been able to stay off of the toilet now his diarrhea is black?

A doctor needs to be consulted. The flu can actually be a very dangerous condition, particularly in older folks. Until you visit your doctor, you need to consume plenty of fluids (in small amounts to help keep it down) to help avoid dehydration, which is also a very serious illness.

For the past two months my daughter has been falling down for no aparent reason and getting severe headaches Now she has a large lump at the base of her neck what could this mean?

Hi there. I was having the same problem which lasted over a year and a half. My symptoms would come and go.. I had done all tests under the sun including MRI scan to tilt table test and epilepsy tests. Doctors still cannot dignose me and put it down to anxiety.. I was prescribed propanolol for th ( Full Answer )

You have been trying to fall pregnant for 6 months now after going off the pill you have been experiencing naseu dizziness and headaches and am now 4 days late Is this cos of the pill or am i pregnant?

Could be pregnancy - could be stress - there are many reasons that you could be late. The only way to know for sure, is to take a pregnancy test and/or go to the doctor. Remember, there is a false positive/negative rate for pregnancy tests, both in and out of the doctor's office. So if your test is ( Full Answer )

What is an vomiting severely?

A vomiting severely is an Black Death disease which happened to you on your 3rd Day of this Black Death disease. . A vomiting severely is an Black Death disease which happened to you on your 3rd Day of this Black Death disease. .

Why does fever cause headaches?

Fevers do not cause headaches directly. Generally speaking (with the exception of true migraines), both fevers and headaches are symptoms of underlying problems.

Can an ear infection cause fever vomiting and headache?

Yes. An infection will generally cause a fever. It's the body's natural response to fight it. Ear infections affect all sorts of things, including your equilibrium (or balance). You might even feel dizzy because of it. The only way to know for certain is to visit your physician.

What is a severe headache?

Hmm.... it's hard to be scientific about that, but for example a light headache could be when you get a cold and feel a bit bad. Severe is really when you can't ignore it, maybe when there's a visible physical reaction when a person has a headache.

Can severe headaches occur 4 weeks after the start of a new birth control?

\nYou can experience unusual symptoms for the first three months after beginning a new pill. If you're still experiencing symptoms after three months, check back with the prescribing healthcare provider. They might either advise you to try something else or tell you to wait it out.

What could be wrong if you get severe headaches in the lower right part of your head several times a day and there is swelling during the headache?

It could perhaps be an allergic reaction, specifically to food. You could try cutting things out of your diet one at a time, such as dairy, soy, wheat and other common food allergens. If you've already gone to a doctor, that is. If not, scheduling an appointment with your doctor or finding a free cl ( Full Answer )

What is the fever virus?

It makes you feel all hot and sticky and yeah... That's all I know about it. In the olden days, people would die from it but it's not that bad now. Go to a doctor for a check up if you think you have it.

My friend has been diagnosed with swine flu I sit next to her for some lessons and I have been severely tired headaches diarrhea vomiting and aching muscles are these symptoms of swine flu?

Yes, those could be symptoms of influenza, but without a physician examination and lab testing there is no way to know for sure if it is the swine flu or seasonal flu. A quote from CDC Information (see link below in related link section): "If you live in areas where swine influenza cases have ( Full Answer )

What is a severe fever?

A high-grade fever is any oral temperature above 39.2 Celsius or 102.6 Fahrenheit. If you or someone you know is experiencing a fever in this range you should seek the advice of a doctor.

What is wrong with you if have high fever and headache?

There are literally hundreds of different things that can cause ahigh fever and a headache. You should take note of any othersymptoms and contact your doctor if your fever goes over 103degrees.

Have a fever and headache?

1. Measure your temperature with a digital thermomether. 2. If your temperature is higher than 37.6 degree celcius, take some medication. 3. Get enough rest, drink lots of water. 4. If symptoms persist after 3 days, consult your doctor.

What virus can cause sudden vomiting and no fever in toddlers?

It may not be a virus, those symptoms can be caused by many different things including viruses that cause gastroenteritis or gastritis (infections of the intestines and stomach), but also by food borne pathogens like bacteria (E.Coli, Salmonella, etc.). Sometimes it is just from a food that didn't a ( Full Answer )

What to do for a severe headache?

smoke a joint or two. I think you should cool off and maybe put a cool wet paper towel on your neck.

What causes headach es and fevers?

Well, two things cause headaches and fevers. But the two are totally different. A headache is caused when you get to much continual eyestrain or get to much stress put on you. A fever is caused when you get a disease that your body has not yet killed. In response, your body heats up, in attempt to t ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have a headache and also vomiting?

What to do for headache and vomiting depends on the reason for the symptoms. The best thing to do is to see your physician asap for proper diagnosis and treatment. It could be cause by anything from the flu to a brain tumor.

How do you get rid a headache after vomiting?

Water, cold water is usually very much an assistant. Drink 2-4 cups slowly, in a dark room if possible, rushing the process will only make you feel ill longer. Lay down in a manner allowing you to sit near upright, so the remaining contents will be less likely regurgitated. As well, once you feel as ( Full Answer )

Am feeling to vomit and a severe headache?

With hundreds of possible headache disorders to choose from, it is impossible to diagnose one over the computer. For an appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

Had colonoscopy 2 days ago now have fever?

You could have an infection. They may have "nicked" the wall of the colon. Didn't the doctor give you post op info about this? A high fever of 102 or above should be a concern and you should call.