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This could also be caused by a clogged PCV system which is common on these cars especially the 7mge. Pull the oil fill cap with the engine running. If you have a lot of pressure comming out you probably have what is called "blowby". If you have much blowby it will push oil out of anyplace that doesn't have a positive seal, that could include the distributor shaft. If you have that much blowby, the rings are worn and the only option is to rebuild or replace the engnine.

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Q: Your distributor is leaking oil where can it be coming from because you've try to change the distributor but it still leaking?
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What would causes an oil leak at the gasket for the distributor after replaceing head and intake gaskets did not have this problem before?

If your sure that it is leaking around the distributor then replace the distributor gasket or O-ring. It could also be leaking oil out of the back of the intake manifold. Gasket or sealer may have moved while tighting the intake bolts. Could be coming from the oil sending unit behind the distributor too.

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