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Q: Your dog ate some bread with garlic powder on it not much should you be concerned?
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Is garlic bread good for cats?

Garlic bread is not good for cats. Garlic is toxic to cats and dogs, and should never be fed anything with garlic in.

Was garlic bread an old type of bread?

Garlic bread is just bread with garlic on it.

Is garlic bread and garlic naan bread the same thing?

Garlic bread and garlic naan (or nan or non) are not the same. Garlic bread is sliced bread with butter and garlic on the top. Garlic naan is a round flatbread with garlic baked into it.

Is garlic bread kosher?

There is nothing about either garlic or bread that renders either of them intrinsically non-kosher. A delicious kosher garlic bread can be created if the usual laws are followed in its preparation, concerning the utensils used, the separation from other various food items, etc.

Ingredients to garlic bread?

Bread, butter and garlic

What is Garlic bread made from?

Garlic bread i s usually just a normal wheat bread, which has had garlic added to it. Either into the dough, or as a butter/garlic paste spread on the finished bread.

What does garlic bread contain?

it contains garlic,butter and bread.

What is the name of garlic cloves baked into bread?

garlic bread

What should one have with garlic bread?

Shrimp Scampi or just a Pasta flavored with and oilve oil and garlic sauce

Is garlic bread a carbohydrate?

Yes. Bread, including garlic bread, contains a significant amount of carbohydrate.

Why is garlic bread cut diagonally?

The bread for garlic bread is cut on the bias (diagonally) to increase the surface area of the bread. That gives the cook more area to spread garlic butter on.

How much does garlic bread cost?

Garlic bread usually costs $3.50

Is garlic bread Italian?

GARLIC BREAD is an Italian food because it has garlic in it and garlic is an important manafacture!!!!!!!! find me at 9413 jonathen way 500 boulavard!!!!

What is a good bread?

Persian bread,Garlic bread,and Corn bread.

Can diabetics eat garlic bread?

Yes because garlic bread does not contain a lot of sugar.

Can you freeze store bought garlic bread?

Yes, you can freeze store bought garlic bread.

Is Garlic bread a classic side dish for pizza?

I suppose so but I don't usually have garlic bread with pizza I have it with pasta. Many people would also class garlic bread as a pizza!

Why do you think garlic bread is called a starter?

garlic bread can be a starter .... like i eat my garlic bread wait... im think of sides.... but yes it can be used as a starter... i think.... depends on what your doing...

Is the garlic bad when it turns green in vinegar?

no it is not because you eat green garlic on garlic bread.

How does garlic bread taste like?

Like garlic.

Is garlic bread a real type of bread?

yes it is bread of course it jus has garlic butter usually on top of the bread idiot

How do you say garlic bread in French?

Garlic bread is "du pain à l'ail" in French.

Is garlic bread a appetizer?

yes garlic bread is an appetizer

What does parsley add to garlic bread?

Parsley takes away the garlic breath you can get after eating garlic. Parsley adds nothing to garlic bread, except decoration. The green 'bits' on the traditional garlic bread, ARE parsley. So parsley does nothing to change the taste/flavour.

Where does garlic bread originate?

It has been debated over wether garlic bread was an American creation or if it is a variation of Bruschetta.