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Your dog has a warm dry nose and has been drooling a bit lately his eating playing and sleeping habits are all normal Should he be brought to a vet?

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August 18, 2008 10:39PM

From what you've told me, I think your dog is okay for now. But

I need to tell you why, because this is your decision. The "warm,

Dry nose" is only one symptom of many -- it's sometimes indicative

of a fever. However, lots of perfectly healthy dogs can have a

warm, dry nose. Drooling, also a symptom, doesn't point like an

arrow to something bad -- it may be nothing at all. Even adding

these two symptoms up doesn't let me reach a conclusion. And you

hit the symptoms I worry more about -- your dog is eating well,

sleeping well, is alert and playful. I further assume there are no

signs of pain, and you have no reason to assume the dog has eaten

the wrong thing. Just to be sure, check the stool to see if it

looks normal. Same with the urine. If your dog is oaky with this,

look into the mouth and see if there's a cut or something that

could cause that drooling. Make sure your dog is drinking enough

water. If all those are good to go, I'd hold off on the vet until

you have something more to worry about. Of course, you can call the

vet's office just to double-check.

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