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Give benedryl orally. Child's dose or half if its a small dog. Adult strength for larger dogs. (It's a very forgiving drug and it is unlikely that you will overdose the dog. If there is any difficulty breathing, please see a vet immediately. If your dog is 12 and is having a reaction for the first time, the vaccine components may have changed or your dog may have been given a vaccine that he or she has not had before. Good luck,

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Q: Your dog is 14 years old and is having a reaction from her yearly shots her muzzle is sw?
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It depends where you are, and what vaccinations you're talking about. On average, rabies shots (do not give these yearly, unless it is mandatory by law) cost $25. Distemper shots and others cost $30 ea, and should not be given yearly.

How much are yearly vet bills for a dog?

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How much Benadryl can you give a 8 lb dog that is having a reaction to one of her shots?

I would begin with 6.25 mg (1/2 child's dose of 12.5mg)and wait 15-30 minutes. If the swelling has not improved, give an additional 6.25mg. The dog may become sleepy; or sleepy and then excited. Benedryl is a very forgiving drug and it is difficult to overdose with it; however, if your dogs lips and muzzle continue to swell, or there is any difficulty breathing whatsoever, you should get him to a vet immediately so a steroid can be administered IV.