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Might just need lubrication like WD40 or graphite.

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Q: Your drivers door will not open the key only turns halfway?
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What does it mean that it only turns half way 1973 VW Beetle?

that depends WHAT only turns halfway.

Why Only drivers door controls work 2004 jeep?

Check for broken wires in the drivers door jamb harness.

How does a garage door motor know which direction to operate in if the door is only closed halfway?

The circuitry "remembers" the previous direction and reverses that direction.

Problem with remote only controlling the drivers door. The manual button on the passanger door only controls the drivers door. 2001 Honda accord. new system the old one did it also?

It sound's like either the servo in the passengers door is bad or one of the manual switches are bad. If the drivers side manual switch will work for the passengers door then it's a switch (could be problem with the switch on either side since most are interconnected). If nothing will make that door work then it's the servo in that door.

Where is Mercedes 500 CLK seat fuse location?

Open the drivers door and there is a fuse box on the side of the dash you can only see with the drivers door open. The seat fuses are 25 and 41.

Why wont any doors open on my golf with the fob other than drivers door?

The golf door mechanism is set to unlock the drivers door only. This is a safety measure, it allows the driver to get into the car and control who gets into the passenger side of the car.

Why does your garage door opener only open halfway up?

There is something wrong with the Mechanics of the opening system, get it serviced.

Why does your 1948 F-1 Ford truck only have a door lock on the passenger door?

cuz back then they only needed the passenger door were in the drivers had to be able to get in and drive really quick after you robbed a bank

All but drivers door switch work windows on a 1999 ford explorer What is wrong?

On the drivers door armrest has the window lock switch been pressed on the left side ? If it has , then only the drivers door switches operate the power windows . Press the right side of the window lock switch

Gross weight 2000 Ford Ranger?

open drivers door and read the tag by the door latch! ONLY if you happen to have a Ranger. if you dont you are out of luck and this person is only making noise.

1993 jeep power windows only work with main switch in drivers side door?

mine did the same thing> it was a broken wire int he rubber boot going from the drivers door to the pillar (by the door hinges). just slide the boot off and check your wiring.

Why does remote only unlock drivers door on passat?

Ok the issue you have is that the comfort module lost its programming that why it only opens the drivers door with the remote to reprogram this feature you will need a vw specific scan tool to change the coding in the value blocks you will need to find a vw service shop to be able to do this for you . I hope this helps. ---Mine did this when the bat. went dead---Read more: Volkswagen Passat GL 2004 passat only drivers door will unlock - JustAnswer

Should a mk4 golf only open drivers door on first click?

yes, one click for just the driver's door, then 2 clicks will open the rest.

Where is fuse box on gmc Yukon?

Look under the hood, on the drivers side. On my 98 it is on the drivers side of the dash, only able to access with the door open.

Airconditioning only works on passenger side?

Check to see if the air diverter door is working. It sounds like the door is shut and air cant come to the drivers side.

Power window switches on a 1993 Cherokee work on drivers door only checked wires on other doors all have power but do not work?

Make sure the window lock button is not engaged on the drivers door. If the button is not engaged then there is a short on the window lock switch. Answer 2:Had to replace the complete drivers door switch assy.I believe rainwater from the driprail falling on the switches is the cause($255.00 from dealer)

How do you tern off the alarm on a vauxhal vectra if the key fob is not doing its job?

its the locking of the driver and passenger door with the key that operates he alarm. the only way round it is to lock the drivers and passengers doors from reaching in via the back doors or obviously locking the passenger sides before getting out by pushing th pin down then get out of the car and lock the drivers door by reaching in from the rear drivers door.

Where is the cruise control fuse on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

there is two fuse blocks. one under the hood on drivers side. the other is on the side of the dash, drivers side. can only get at it with door open.

Hi all this is my 1st time here but I'm hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. I have a '90 coupe quattro my daughter locked the passenger door by pushing down the interior lock?

You are using the remote? If so, insert the key to unlock the door. Your actuator is faulty. It doesn't use a remote, the key turns in both doors, moves the door button up & down on the passenger side door - not on the drivers side - can lift the door handle up on both sides - only way to get in or out of car is to open door from inside passengers door (drivers side door is completely inoperative), if you open glove box alarm goes off & can be shut off from passenger side outside door lock. This is not an aftermarket alarm but box stock Audi

How do you fix a Dodge Caravan sliding door that only opens halfway?

Replace the wiring harness. Easy fix. Most likely is a broken wire.

How do you lock one side of a sliding mirrored closet door?

To lock one side of a sliding mirrored closet door, a person can insert something in the channel for the slide mechanism that will stop movement of the door. A screw will accomplish this if it is left only halfway screwed in.

Can the striker bar be moved to adjust the closing on a 98 Chevy pickup drivers door.?


What is the problem if passenger windows can only be opened by the switch on drivers panel and drivers window does not work at all?

Sounds like a defective switch on the driver's door disconnected wires on either door or you have a lock out switch turned on... with driver door, i suggest pulling your "panel" off and verify your switch is actually connected and if it is, then replace the switch

1997 Mercury Mountaineer power windows only work on drivers side cannot use on passenger or back set?

Has the power window lock switch on the drivers door armrest been switched on ?

Where is the vin plate on a LHD murano?

vin numbers can be just about anywhere, almost all cars will have them in the drivers door, drivers side of windshield (seen from outside only) and under hood on the cat sticker.