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Sounds like the motor is disconnected from the window, or the gear may be stripped.

== == == == go to a place that works with motors and ask what might be wrong

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Q: Your drivers window wont go down When you push the button to roll it down it makes noise but the window doesnt move What could the problem be?
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How do i fix a celica where drivers window works fine but other three windows will not roll down and has no motor sound and the indicator light on the window button is not lit but drivers button is?

you need to replace the window master switch

How to repair power window in 2000 Ford Ranger passenger window will not work with either drivers button or passenger button the relay does not make any clicking noise either What is wrong?

How to repair power window in 2000 Ford Ranger passenger window will not work with either drivers button or passenger button the relay does not make any clicking noise either What is wrong?

Why wont window roll up?


Why doesnt your drivers side window controls roll the rear windows back up?

Possibly because you have your window lock on. Some cars are that way. If not that, then you probably have an electrical problem in the system. It could also be that the window are off the track. Either way, you need to take it to a mechanic.

What is the problem with the 99 Intrepid drivers window motors?

The can become worn out over time.

How do I fix the window control switches on the drivers side of 2003 ford explorer?

define the problem is door switch and not window motor.

How do you fix drivers side automatic window on Ford F-150?

Buy a new window switch part #5L1Z14529AA easy fix!.. It's a very common problem the drivers window sticks when going up

Power window switches on a 1993 Cherokee work on drivers door only checked wires on other doors all have power but do not work?

Make sure the window lock button is not engaged on the drivers door. If the button is not engaged then there is a short on the window lock switch. Answer 2:Had to replace the complete drivers door switch assy.I believe rainwater from the driprail falling on the switches is the cause($255.00 from dealer)

One rear electric window not working on my C4 not working with drivers door button or the rear door button anybody know what's likely to be wrong?

Check if there is voltage to window regulator motor; if there is replace motor.

How do you fix drivers side window for a 1997 olds silhouette?

I have a 2000 oldsmobile and i had this problem with the drivers side. come to find out it was the switch and not the motor. If you check with a local junk yard you can pick up a good one for half the cost. I did replace the window motor but it still didnt work. i recommend the switch first then if that doesnt fix it then invest in teh window motor. save urself some money.

What is the power button for on the window switch of a 1992 mercury capri?

If you mean the extra switch on the drivers side power window control it cuts power to the passenger side window switch. Handy if you have kids.

What is the button used to close a window called?

The window button.

2003 Chevy Trailblazer driver power window problems?

intermitting problem with no power at drivers door

Just replaced passenger side window motor in 95 camaro Z28 new window motor goes up but not down any ideas?

Re-check connections. If that doesn't solve the problem, use a meter to find out if you're getting voltage to the window when you push the down button. If not, the switch could be bad. Note: It could be either the passenger or drivers side button. If it DOES get voltage when pressing down, the motor is bad.

What button on the title bar of a window closes the window and removes the taskbar button from the taskbar?

Close button

How do you fix a drivers side window on a Chevy blazer?

Need to identify the specific problem before this question can be answered.

How do you reset power window for Honda Pilot?

Press and hold the button to put the window the whole way down. Release then hold down for 5 seconds. Pull and hold the button to bring the window the whole way up. Release then pull up for 5 seconds. Your windows should now be reset and can be controlled from the drivers window controls.

How do you close the window without pressing a button?

set your computer on fire. if this doesnt work, take off the fire proof cover, you dumbo.

Drivers side window on a 2000 town car is not working although it clicks once in the box where all the wires are going inside the door when pushing the button down?

it could be the window regulator

How do you reset electric window on peugeot 406 after disconnecting battery?

You will need to raise the drivers side window all the way up and then hold the button in the up position for about 20 seconds, that should do it.

How do you get the Express window system on a Mercedes 1999 C280 to work I tried letting the window up and holding the window button for 2 extra seconds?

Just had the same problem with 2008 C300. The window would go up by holding the button, then back down a little when I released the button. THEN I held the button in the up position for about 2-3 seconds and it re-synced the express up feature. Good luck!

Driver side power window is ok but the passenger side is not working on 1989 aerostar motor and regulator is fine what else could be wrong?

Hi, The problem with your pass side window is the drivers side power window switch. I have had this same problem on my 1993 Aerostar.

If the drivers window switch is working periodically and the power of the motor is weak is there a problem with any relay?

Likely there is a problem with the window switches contacts being dirty or worn. There could be a problem with the supply voltage from other sources being less than adequate.

What could make the master control button on the drivers door work for the windows but not the window button on each door?

The window lock is faulty. It happened on my Jeep and i replaced the driver's dorr control module and it worked just fine...until that one broke too.

1992 ford raider with electric windows the passenger front and both back passengers windows will not work BUT all windows work off the drivers side buttonscan you please tell me What is going?

I had a similar problem with a Toyota Corolla. Could be worth a shot There may be a window lock button (usually near the drivers electric window controls). That causes the controls from all, except the driver's, to be unresponsive.