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well when you hit the gas the accelerator pump pushes gas in, and when you let up it don't. if it don't run when you let up your are no longer getting gas so your carb is way too small or the jets are plugged.

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Q: Your engine cuts off when you decelerate could it be choke thermostat?
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If you replace the thermostat in an Oldsmobile EightyEight and the engine leaks what could that be?

The piston or spring on the thermostat could be stuck.

What is the function of the choke in a car?

In cars with a carburetor the choke is used to help start the engine when could. Engaging the choke closes a flap which reduces the amount of air in the fuel mixture when the engine is started.

Will installing a thermostat backwards make problems with check engine light?

It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.

Could a missing thermostat cause the engine to overheat?

Yes, with out the thermostat, the coolant can circulate to fast to effectively absorb and transfer any heat. Updated answer, The thermostat is to keep the engine running at a factory set predetermined temperature, without the thermostat the engine should run cooler.

How do you adjust the choke on Chevy tbi 350?

That year don't HAVE a choke. Is your check engine light on ? If it is, then you need to have the engine scanned with an engine scanner to see what is going on. Problem could be the MAP sensor, coolant sensor,fuel pressure regulator. Any of these problems could be making it run RICH are LEAN. Fuel injection fuel system DID NOT USE A CHOKE.

What could be the reason for the engine not warming up on a VW Beetle?

It could be that the thermostat is stuck open.

Would a bad thermostat cause check engine light to come on in a 2007 crown vic?

A defective thermostat can cause the engine to overheat. It can also cause the engine to not reach full operating temperature if the thermostat is stuck open. It is possible this could set the check engine light.

Can small engine primer bulb be bypassed?

Primer bulbs on small engines take the place of a choke on the carb . If your carb has a choke on it then you could probably bypass it . The object of the primer and the choke is to give the engine a extra charge of gas to help it start when the engine is cold . If you take this away then the engine will be hard starting if it starts at all .

When At idle engine sometimes stalls and will not restart?

the choke could be sticking causing the car the flood

Can bad thermostat make server engine soon light come on?

This depends on the vehicle. If the thermostat is stuck open the engine won't get to the proper operating temperature which could trigger the MIL (check engine light).

Why does your 89 350 engine heat up to over 210 before the thermostat operates since you had the head gasket replaced The engine then cools off to about 170 then repeats the process?

Could be the thermostat is upside-down, or maybe the thermostat needs to be replaced. Could also be air in the system.

Why is the engine overheating when engine coolant was just put in?

The coolant temp. sensor could be bad....or the thermostat could be stuck shut.....there are a few things it could be actually

Your 1997 SC1 Saturn heater works but does not blow hot enough what could be wrong?

Sticking thermostat could cause this. If the thermostat is stuck open, it never gives the engine a chance to fully heat the coolant. Follow the top radiator hose to the engine, remove the hose and remove what it hooks to and there's your thermostat.

Your evinrude engine bogs down when accelerating?

the engine timing could be off. Or, the fuel mix is wring. Or, the choke is sticking and the carburetor jets are out of adjustment.

What will happen if the thermostat is installed backwards in your 99 Mercury Sable?

The thermostat will not open properly when installed backwards. The coolant will not flow and the engine could overheat.

What causes overheating?

one of the things that could be casing your ovreheating problem is a stuck thermostat. The thermostat stays closed until the engine gets to a certaqin temperature and then opens up to cool the engine. if the thermostat fails to open no coolent gets to the engine therfore causing the engine to overheat. one way to tell if your thermostat is going out is your upper radiator hose where the themostat housing is will be stretched and feel kinda rubbery. hope this helps could also be that your water pump is going and or a broken water pump belt...but id go with the thermostat first.then take it from there.

Golf 4 gti overheats but radiator stays coolwhat could be the problem?

Your thermostat is stuck closed. you will need to replace it. The thermostat controls the circulation through the radiator - when the engine heats up the thermostat is meant to switch circulation from just-engine to engine+radiator. Sounds like this isn't happening.

Would a defective thermostat on a 1993 GEO Prizm cause low readings on the temperature gauge and little heat in the car?

Yes! Thermostat stuck open. Replace thermostat. It could, but the thermostat is normally open when the engine is warm so you should only notice this when the engine is cold or warming up.

Why does your 2001 northstar engine run hot?

Your thermostat could be malfunctioning - replace it. Your radiator could becoming plugged - flush it.

Water is not getting to your car's engine It goes through the radiator but not to the engine What could the problem be?

The thermostat would be the first thing I would check.

Could some one please tell me or send me a picture showing me where the thermostat on a '94 Honda civic is located?

At the top of your radiator, there is a radiator hose that goes from the radiator to the engine. Where the hose connects to the engine is where the thermostat is. There is a thermostat housing held on by two bolts which will have to be removed.

Why will a small engine not run unless it is on choke?

Could be that the air/fuel mixture is set too lean. Needs adjustment.

Will a thermostat cause the car to overheat?

Thermostats determine when antifreeze enters the main cooling system. If the thermostat isn't working correctly, the antifreeze could enter the engine to late, (or not at all) resulting in an over heating engine. Another problem of having antifreeze enter the engine late, is that if your engine is very hot, possibly a little warmer than common, when the antifreeze enters the engine, the cold fluid could cause the engine block to cool down quickly, causing a cracked engine block.

1996 camaro why does water leak out of top of engine?

Well for one you could have a cracked head. Or you could have a bad seal on your thermostat though that is were it could be coming from.

If a thermostat in a vehicle engine is stuck open?

the engine will take longer to get to normal operating temp. and the water temp could fluctuate while driving