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There is information missing that will help in troubleshooting. First, what codes were indicated in the computer? Not just the numbers (I don't have a ref book handy), but what is the indicated fault? I've thrown money at issues in the past, only to find the light to come on again and have to go to AutoZone to pull the code, and it was usually the SAME code. Reply with the indicated symptom - my user name is texavette. One thing I CAN tell you is that it might be either the recirculation solenoid or the sensor. I had an issue that resembled an EGR fault only to narrow the field to the left (driver) bank mounted sensor device - linked by tubes to the exhaust tube behind the exhaust manifold AFTER replacing the solenoid itself. I learned about these by "Googleing" the ODBII codes and reading up on the symptoms and parts. Good luck!

2006-07-21 10:33:14
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What is wrong when a car is shaking from the engine?

it could be your engine mounts are needing replaced

Ford Explorer service engine light?

The Ford Explorer service light will come on to tell you of a problem. The issue could be minor, or could result in loss of fuel economy, or cause engine failure over time.

Do the 2000 explorer limited come with a 5.0 engine?

You could have either the 4.0 liter SOHC - V6 engine or the 5.0 liter - V8 engine

How can I verify used engine been truly replaced from auto shop?

If you had recorded the engine block numbers from the old engine you could compare with the replacement engine.

Why would 2000 explorer check engine light come on when there is rigid cold weather?

Could be low fluids or a electronic component in engine...

Ford Explorer service engine soon light?

When the service engine soon light is blinking, it means a subsystem of the engine has failed. It could be something as simple as a broken gas cap, or it could be a serious engine problem. If the Explorer is still running fine, it is best to get the codes read at an auto service shop to determine the next course of action.

Why does the reset button fuel pump of ford explorer pop out?

could be a bad wire in your engine harness

I have a 96 explorer with po756. I replaced the shift solenoid but did not fix. What else could be wrong?

If you replaced the correct shift solenoid (SS B), check for a broken band in the trans.

What would be wrong with your truck if you replaced the battery and still get no power?

It could be anything from the engine to the connectors

Why does my Ford Explorer only starts on the second attempt?

Your battery could need replaced, your alternator or starter could be going bad. It is best to have a mechanic look at it if this bothers you or it continues.

How much damage is caused by a broken cam belt on a Mercedes c200?

Could be very severe engine damage if the motor is an interference engine if not could just need the belt replaced

Starter cranke but engine does not start 1997ford Explorer?

could be your coil pack / igntion moduel / or fuel pump

Why is coolant leaking from the engine on a 1994 Chrysler new yorker?

It could be a head gasket that needs replaced or a freeze plug needs replaced depending where the leak is coming from. It could also be a radiator hose.

What does mean if the knock sensor caused the check engine warning?

your knock sensor could need to be replaced

What size of engine is on 1998 explorer xlt?

4.0 liter v6 ======================================================== The above answer is partially correct If you have a 1998 Ford Explorer ( XLT trim ) You could have a 4.0 liter Single Over Head Cam ( SOHC ) V6 engine or a 5.0 liter V8 engine ( which is an Over Head Valve / pushrod design engine )

1999 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0E V6 shakes and jerks randomly code P1150 P1151 and P1152 replaced intake gasket no vacuum leaks 65lbs fuel pressure O2 sensors good what could be the problem?

i have same explorer and my shakes and jerks especially at a light.... what have you replaced on yours?

Why does your 89 350 engine heat up to over 210 before the thermostat operates since you had the head gasket replaced The engine then cools off to about 170 then repeats the process?

Could be the thermostat is upside-down, or maybe the thermostat needs to be replaced. Could also be air in the system.

Your 1992 Mazda Protege DX is running hot.Radiator replaced could it be the water pump?

Check the engine thermostat.

Ford explorer radio cuts off while driving?

The radio could have a short in a wire that is being bounced and causing it to turn off. It also could be the radio is going out and should be replaced.

Ford Explorer not warming up?

The Explorer could have a stuck open thermostat. The thermostat needs to close until the engine gets up to operating temperature to make the system heat properly.

You have an 1996 ford explorer with a 6 cylinder engine and it leaks in the back of the engine and comes down the transmission what could that be?

Look carefully at the valve cover gasket. They will leak in the back and run down the backside of the engine.

If a diagnostic test was done and determined that you need an engine why do they have to do an engine break down to determine whats wrong with it?

Because, while the engine as a whole may be bad, there will be some part of the engine that could be repaired or replaced to make the engine work again.

What makes a motor shake shake when stopped at a light in a 1994 Ford Explorer?

could be a vacuum hose leak--had the same problem and once the hose was replaced it stopped.

What size engine is in 1998 ford explorer sport?

You could have the 4.0 L - OHV engine - VIN " X " ( 8th " character " of VIN ) or the 4.0 L - SOHC engine - VIN " E " / both are V6 engines