Your ex-boyfriend has a girlfriend He still calls and stops by occasionally just to chat Why?


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Even though he has a girlfriend doesnt mean he still doesnt want to be around you he just wants to hang out you know chill lol He might still feel comfortable talking to you. Maybe he just wants to be friends with you cause while you guys were going out you were really easy to talk to or maybe he just doesnt want to let you go. It all depends on how he acts. If he is acting all flirty still then he still wants to be with you. But if hes just acting all nice and he just wants to chat then he just wants a friend that he can easily chat to! If he is dating someone else I'm sure she would not appreciate knowing her boyfriend is still conversing in anyway with his ex as I'm sure you wouldn't like. It is best to keep your distance and don't accept contact from him while he is involved.

Maybe he just whats to be friends with you. That is possible you know!

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if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

Its not an ex-girlfriend. Maybe he calls for a bootycall

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

It means that you still have some level of emotional attachment with this exboyfriend. The dream is a nudge from your own mind urging you to let go and move on with your life.

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

Nothing. They are perfectly entitled to remain friends. You only need to worry if they start behaving as if they were together again.

she calls, mails you and ask you out again.

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

I have the same problem... what you should do is talk to him a lot. And if you have the problem i do (he cheated on me) talk to him. It turns out that we would still be boyfriend/girlfriend if i was more love. (ex. hugs, kissing, etc.) GOOD LUCK! P.S. I still haven't got him... yet.

First ask your exboyfriend to tell you if he actually likes his current girlfriend If he says yes, tell him to keep dating her ( never know he might change his mind about her If he says no, then ask himwhy he's dating her and that he shouldn't pretend that he likes her Good luck

I wouldn't answer. It sounds like he needs to get off his pedestal and by taking the call its not making him a better person.

If you Ex tries to contact you again and again without any reason, then it means he is still interested in you.

To start trouble or maybe he calls her and flirts with her so she calls back thinking he still likes her. could be many things. mybe shes still not over him and shes a crazy b**** or hes still talking to her and seeing her on the side....

He either still likes you alot or he hates you with a burning passion

Don't do that because she or he. Will get upset and want to fight your ex and dump you

It means that there are still some feelings left for him in your heart for him. You still miss him somewhere. That is what gets in your head at that time.

Ryan used to have a Beagle named Hobo. She now lives with Ryan's ex-girlfriend, but Ryan still keeps her occasionally.

Maybe he just wanted to make you jealous. He wanted to let you see that he has moved on with his new girlfriend. The problem is that his worrying about if you seen him with a new girl shows that he is still not over you because he is trying to make you jealous.

you do nothing...just don't be her friend if she's honestly doing that to you!!

Doesn't mean anything. Guys re always gonna be attracted to other girls regardless if we're singleor not; i have a girlfriend and i still think some other girls are hot.

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