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If there is no overheating or loss of coolant, most likely it is due to condensation in the exhaust system (pretty normal in cool or rainy weather).

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Q: Your exhaust emits white smoke and drops of water even when engine warms up but no loss of coolant or overheating?
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Can a faulty head gasket cause oil drops on garage floor?

It is possible but highly unlikely. If it were leaking oil from a blown head gasket you would have lots of other symptoms such as overheating, coolant mixed with the oil, white smoke from the exhaust, and loss of coolant with no apparent leak.

Chevy lumina overheating?

Check that there is enough engine coolant. Check to insure that the thermostat is not stuck, and that the water pump is circulating. Turn on the heater on high and high fan. If the temp drops even for a bit this is an indication that the coolant isn't circulating properly and the thermostat or pump are bad.

Does a blown head gasket affect the heater from getting hot?

When a head gasket blows, it most often causes a lose of coolant either in the exhaust or the oil. When the coolant drops, there is not enough to circulate through the heater core. The engine may over heat but no heat will come out of the heater because there is no coolant in it.

Could the bottle for the coolant cause over heating if it has a split in it?

If the coolant reservoir can not maintain the proper level of coolant, it is possible the engine could over heat when the level drops.

If the heater core is not replaced can it cause damage?

If your heater core is LEAKING engine coolant so that your engine coolant level drops too low or the engine coolant is lost completely and causes your engine to overheat then your engine can be damaged beside the mess the leaking coolant makes inside your vehicle ( you might be able to just temporarily bypass the heater core so that no engine coolant is flowing through the heater core )

Why does the engine temp go down after warming up?

When you start the engine, the thermostat is closed. After the coolant warms up the thermostat begins to open up allowing coolant to flow thru the raditor. When first started the temp will go a little past what the thermostat is set to open at. After the water begins to flow thru the radiator, the temp will fall to whatever the thermostat is set at. The thermostat holds the coolant in the engine until it warms up. As soon as the engine is warm, the thermostat opens allowing cold coolant outside the engine to mix with warm coolant. The temp drops, the thermostat closes again, until all the coolant is warm.

How do you get to the front o2 sensor location on Volvo c70?

Open the bonnet, lean over the engine and find the exhaust coming out of the back of the engine. The exhaust drops down to go underneath the vehicle as its drops down there is a sensor with wires going to it in the exhaust. This is the front O2 sensor (Lambda sensor). Next in line you'll see the catalytic converter, then after this there is another O2 sensor (the back one) Once you've found it you may find accessing it easier from underneath the car. Hope that helps...

99 Honda civic where does coolant go when it drops?

On the ground lol. But seriously, if you have a lot of white smoke out of the exhaust, you have a blown head gasket and must get a new one. If there is no smoke, check all hoses for cracks and leaks.

Your exhaust has drops of water coming out of it and the temp gauge is running higher than usual and the coolant in the reservior is lessening after driving for an hr?

Sound like ur head gasket has a crack or is blown need to fix it ASAP

What is wrong when there is slight steam from the exhaust and a little bit of water drops on the exhaust cant really notice a sweet smell and oil is not milky or frothy is this a blown gasket?

The question could be improved to read: "Why does steam come out of the exhaust when I first start my vehicle?" Answer: condensation. When you shut-off your engine and the the exhaust pipes cool down, water will condense on the interior surfaces of the pipes from the warm air in the exhaust pipes. This water pools there until the engine starts up again. Then, it starts to evaporate and exits the tailpipe as steam. After all the liquid water evaporates and the exhaust pipes get too hot for water to remain on their surfaces, the visible steam will cease to emerge from the tailpipe. So, no; it is most likely not from a blown head gasket or a crack in the engine. If you are not losing coolant then all is well, drive happy

How do you get the air out of the engine after changing the thermostat on a Saturn sl2?

Don't worry about it. If the engine has not been damaged, all you need to do is keep the coolant reservoir full, and run the engine enough to get it hot at which point it will push out a lot of the air. After it cools again, it will pull in the coolant. Keep the coolant level up by checking it every time you get ready to go somewhere. You'll notice when the coolant level no longer drops. Note that if the engine has overheated, it could have been damaged. If that happened, there could be a failed head gasket or cracked head. When either of those happen, combustion gas is forced into the coolant space, forcing coolant out of the engine and causing the engine to overheat rapidly. Unfortunately, if that has happened, the only option is to replace the faulty parts and re-surface the head.

Why does the rear system of the exhaust usually break first?

Because that's where the exhaust temperature drops so how that that the water vapour in the exhaust can condense into rust-promoting water.

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