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It is not a joke at all and it is considered cheating because hypothetically he's not sending it to his fiance so it is considered cheating. THAT IS ALSO CHEATING BECAUSE HE'S SENDING IT TO ANOTHER FEMALE INSTEAD OF HIS WOMEN.

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Why is he cheating on his fiance?

Because he's a toe rag.

What is the opposite word of fiancee?

The opposite of Fiancee (female) is Fiance.

How will you know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance?

To know if a guy is cheating on his long distance fiance one has to keep a watch over them. One has to read the signs of cheating if there are any. One has to read the speech etc to know that.

Woman says she broke up with fiance before cheating... man says she didn't is it considered cheating?

To her - no. To him - yes. It depends on who you believe. It appears that you believe him - as you say "she broke up with fiance before cheating"... if she broke up with him and met someone else then it wasn't "cheating".

Are you supposed to forgive your cheating fiance?

Definitely not. If your fiance is not sincere with his apology, there is absolutely no need to forgive him or her. You may leave him if you wish.

I have a feeling fiance is cheating so how do I go about prove or disprove it?

If you are not the jealous type of person then go with your gut instincts. You can either ask your best friend to go with you and follow your fiance on the nights you feel they are cheating or, hire a detective for a weekend. It is far better to find out if your fiance is cheating as soon as possible before you ever consider getting married. If the wedding is close don't panic and try to find the evidence he is cheating (take a digital camera or your blackberry with you.)

How do you spell fiance like getting married?

The male is 'fiance' (which you already spelled correctly) and fiancee' is the female.

How do you spell fiance for female?

An engaged female is a fiancée, or fiancee.An engaged male is a fiancé.

What is the opposite gender of the word fiance?

Fiance - fiancée The female is referred to as a "fiancée" when engaged to be married. The male is referred to as the "fiancé".

What should you do when a girl has been seriously flirting with you and you gave her your number and she has been calling you but you found out later she is engaged?

You have to decide what type of girl you would want to date. A young woman that is engaged; flirting and giving out her phone number to you is cheating on her fiance. Now, would you trust someone like this to be your girlfriend? If wise you would not. She is not only using and eventually hurting her fiance, but she will end up hurting you. Tell her in a nice way she is engaged and to not get in touch with you again. You will end up saving yourself a lot of heartache.Drop her like a hot rock. Her basic honesty is suspect. If she will cheat on her fiance, what makes you think you would get better treatment.

How do you say fiance in Italian?

Fidanzato (male) fidanzata( female)

Why does my fiance always think I'm lying and cheating?

Be true to your own heart and if you are truly not lying or cheating then realize she has the problem. Good communication skills are necessary to have a strong relationship so quietly sit down (without blaming your fiance) and ask why she thinks you are lying and cheating. She may have been cheated on once or more in her past; perhaps one or both of her parents cheated on each other so she is insecure and thus, she considers if you are not cheating or lying to her now you will be. If she continues to accuse you of lying and cheating after you have talked with her suggest she get psychological help and if she refuses which is a high possibility then you will have to decide if she is worth being with. You deserve much more than to have a relationship where your fiance and perhaps if you get married a spouse that is jealous and constantly accusing you of lying and cheating. You will know if your fiance will change or try to change and if not, then walk away because that means you have not met the right person in your life and they will be there in your future if you continue on in your life without your present fiance.

What is the masculine of fiance?

The masculine word (or male person) is fiance.The feminine word (or female person) is fiancee.In English, some people like to show the French accents:fiancé (male)fiancée (female)

What is opposite gender of the noun fiance?

The noun fiance is a word for a male who is engaged to be married.The noun fiancee is a word for a female who is engaged to be married.

Do you have to return the ring when he was cheating and its his fault you broke up?

No, once your fiance gave you the engagement ring it is yours to keep. However, if it is a family heirloom (this can happen) then it should go back to the ex fiance.

How do you say You are my fiance in German?

You are my fiance (male form) = Du bist mein Verlobter You are my fiancee (female form) = Du bist meine Verlobte

What should you do about your fiance accusing you of cheating?

If there is no credence to you cheating ask him where he got his information from. If he refuses then tell him you have a right to face your accuser. If he is just second guessing you are cheating then he is immature and has no self confidence. This could be caused from a former girlfriend cheating on him or perhaps his own mother cheated on his father. The best solution is to communicate with your fiance and get to the root of the problem. If he refuses then tell him the engagement is off because marriage comes with a bond of trust and you do not want to be unfairly accused of cheating when you did not.

What is the male version of fiance?

Fiancé is the male version. Fiancée is the female version.

How can you tell if your fiance has cheated on you after coming home from a night of heavy drinking?

You can't, unless he blatantly tells you or has other obvious signs of recent sex (and since you weren't involved, it must have been cheating). Heavy drinking does not mean he cheated; the fact he cheated does not mean he was drinking at the time. If the fiance is female and was previously a virgin, loss of virginity would indicate.

What does it mean when you dream your fiance is cheating on you?

The dream suggests that the dreamer has doubts about either the fiance or about one's self. The dreamer could lack confidence in his/her worthiness, and that lack of confidence could be transferred to the fiance in the dream. Alternatively, the dream might refer to the fiance's other time commitments, perhaps with family or a job. Any activity that takes the fiance's time or attention away from the dreamer could appear as "cheating" in a dream.

What do I do my fiance is cheating?

The best thing to do is to talk to them about it in person, dont accuse them if you have no proof yet, just ask and usually you can tell if they are lying. :)

What do you do if you have a strong gut feeling that your soon to be wife fiance is cheating on you?

humans are given power of gut feeling by god, if you feel that you have suspicion on a person with whom you are supposed to spend your entire life, my earnest advise is not to go for the wedding, after all its about a lifetime commitment. not a agony aunt yet another advise is to confront your fiance with your doubts, sort out the differences and get married.

What is the female of fiance?

Fiancé is masculine and fiancée is feminine. They both mean "promised" or "betrothed" in French.

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