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Your friend bullies you what do you do?


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What Do You Do When Your Friend Bullies You?

  • Good friends don't bully! There are bullies that say things that are hurtful or they may even become physical with you such as punching or threatening bodily harm. It's possible your friend may simply be 'pushy' and sometimes people have this type of personality. You are in charge of you! Tell her you don't like the way she treats you and you have your own opinions, likes and dislikes and if she can't treat you with more respect the friendship is over! If she becomes physically abusive with you or tries to make any type of trouble for you then speak to your parents about it or someone else you trust. Also, if your friend is bullying you, unless they have an extremely good reason to be cranky or moody (e.g. family problems, death of someone close) They really shouldn't be your friend