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What Do You Do When Your Friend Bullies You?
  • Good friends don't bully! There are bullies that say things that are hurtful or they may even become physical with you such as punching or threatening bodily harm. It's possible your friend may simply be 'pushy' and sometimes people have this type of personality. You are in charge of you! Tell her you don't like the way she treats you and you have your own opinions, likes and dislikes and if she can't treat you with more respect the friendship is over! If she becomes physically abusive with you or tries to make any type of trouble for you then speak to your parents about it or someone else you trust. Also, if your friend is bullying you, unless they have an extremely good reason to be cranky or moody (e.g. family problems, death of someone close) They really shouldn't be your friend
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Can bullies start off as your friends?

There are several types of bullies. Some bullies may prey physically on anyone weaker than themselves. Another bully may begin as a friend, but attempt to subtly take control mentally. So, the answer is yes!

What are bullies scared of?

their past, where their future will be, and try to become a bullies friend if you can. don't be afraid if you are smarter than them or better looking. they are just insecure and want to bring you down.

Was there bullies in 1750?

There have always been bullies. There will always be bullies.

How do you spell bullies?


How many kids are bullies?

Many kids are bullies. Some say that 2 in 5 children are bullies in some way or another. Not all bullies want to be bullies.

What kinds of bullies are there?

There are cyberbullies school bullies and home bullies( siblings who hurt you)

Are bullies everywhere?

You never know but you can see it from his eyes bullies are not everywhere but bullies are weak!

School rules for bullies?

bullies should be suspended from the schools and strict rules should be there for bullies!

Is this how you spell bullies?

Yes, bullies is the correct spelling of the word.Some example sentences are:The bullies have finally left me alone.She bullies him every day.The boss bullies me to try and make me quit.

Who are the victims of bullying?

The bullies and the victims. Bullies are scared of

How can you use bullies in a sentences?

The bullies tormented him endlessly.

Are bullies nice?

Bullies are generally not nice people.

What is the duration of Bullies?

The duration of Bullies is 1.6 hours.

Does standford middleschool have bullies?

Every school has bullies.

Why should bullies be punished?

should bullies be punished

What is the biggest reson girls are bullyed?

because bullies are jealous of them bullies don't like them, bullies bully them because they are mean, or bullies bully because the girls are uncool

When was Bullies created?

Bullies was created on 1986-08-29.

When did Columbus Bullies end?

Columbus Bullies ended in 1942.

Are there hermit crab bullies?

I don't believe animals can be bullies.

What do bullies fear?

bullies fear when you laugh with them then you tell the teacher

Who is kid cudi's best friend?

I dont know his name but he was stabbed to death when he was playing basketball and the bullies took the ball and got in a fight with him and kid cudi and stabbed kid cudis friend

Why do bullies think that it is actually ok to bully their peers?

Bullies are simply bullies. If you have a problem with one, ask a teacher or a parent.

What can students do to help minimize or stop bullying in schools?

Stick up for yourself you have to let bullies know that you are not scared of them. Try to talk to them face to face and let them know that you want to be their friend and if they won't accept you as their friend then forget them walk away but before you do let them know that they still better not mess with you. Now don't go to school getting in trouble but if I was you I would only hit them if they hit me. If your bullies don't touch you then don't touch them. Bullies only pick to look cool so if you start busting on them then they will feel stupid and they will leave you alone. Some bullies pick because they are picked on.

Should schools do more to prevent the influence of bullies?

yes. bullies can ruin others and also your life. the school maybe could hold sessions for bullies and other kids too. and here's some advice. if your being picked on or even being beat up at your school by a bully, get help. ask a trusted grownup that will take your side. and if your friend or even another person in your school is being picked on, then you should help them out. PREVENT BULLIES!

How are the enemies?

Enemies are people who you hate the most like one of my friend is a enemy of mine. Enemies are people that is in your life who bullies you or make fun of you.