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you have to put YOUR sim card in. from your old phone.

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The phone number is on the shovel they gave you.

Yess my friend Kelly is david's friend so she gave me his cell number so i can chat with him and this is no joke i swear i spoke to him his cell phone is 1-613-457-712-2120 Pierre bouviers cell phone is 1-613-472-9203 call so iprove to you!!!

the cell phone gave people a chance to talk there family's and frien on the go thanks! to dr.martin cooper

Boost Mobile can give you free cards with minutes on it, but this is up to them. Boost Mobile is a cell phone service that is pay by the minute based.

It would gave to be a touch screen phone. Hope that helped!!

i am calling from Montreal Canada to London England. i have this number to call given by my friend can u help me as something is not right he gave me this number.......oo447971563776

If you are referring to a cell phone then yes. She gave me her number and said "call me maybe."

Text them "Hey, its ______, _(friend)_ gave me your number and this is mine! x " :) Hope this helps

You will never know it unless you are a close friend or family member. If he gave out his number he would be bombarded by fans and no longer have that small privacy of his phone.

Ask your friend who gave you the itunes gift card to give you their receipt for the purchase of the card. Then call the Apple Store and they will give you a replacement

As long as it is a phone that Straight talk supports and the phone came from tracphone or net 10, you can call and get a Straight talk sim card. Just dont tell them that the phone isn't from straight talk. If it's one of their phones they wont know the difference. Just tell them that a friend gave you the phone or something like that and you need a new sim card because it didn't have one.

If you voluntarily gave your friend the phone, you're probably responsible. It never hurts to call your carrier's customer service department, though.

I talked to Jang, Nara in person at her official forum and I asked her for her cell phone number on the web cam. Nara told me she is in California now and she bought cell phone there so she gave me her cell phone that is in California. Her cell phone number is: +1 (408) 806 - 2868 this cell phone is real because I have confirm it and I have been talking to her on the phone the past two days with this phone number. Nara still lived in South Korea according what she told me.

I would actually say that cell phone accessories are great gifts for uncles. Once, I gave my uncle a leather holster for his cell phone and he loved it. He shows it to me every time I see him and thanks me. Hopefully, he will update his cell phone soon though. Check the related links for some great cell phone accessories.

Our blackberry phone was stolen in Memphis and the person who stole the phone put their sim card in the phone but hit redial by mistake and called one of our family members. The caller id gave us their phone number. We contacted ATT and gave them the information and the persons name and address from their billing was provided to police. The phone was recovered.

You have to buy a neocash card because my friend gave me a pin code and it said this code is invalid.

It means she let you buy her lunch and gave you the wrong number! :(

The answer depends on how many you gave to your friend.

Take the back off the phone and take battery out. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with plain instant rice and then put the phone and battery in bag of rice, close the bag and wait a day or two (make sure phone is completely covered with rice). I was skeptical when a friend gave me this tip, but I have saved several expensive phones using the rice method!

If you used a credit card or check to purchase it, then yes. If you used cash (or you gave the carrier information about you), then no.

Beyonce Want School In Houston Gave Me Your Cell Phone Number From : Phuong Nguyen

Yes it is possible that the guy likes you given the fact that he has given you a Valentine's day card and is asking for your phone number. If you like him give him your number and see what happens.