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Your friends girlfriend will not allow him to talk to other girls while she is free to walk around and flirt with anyone what should he do?


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I think your friend should think about his situation of how it will be in the future if he keeps backing down and letting her getaway with somthing that she freaks out if he does. in conclusian i think your freind should grow a pair

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No u shouldn't cheat on anyone. It would ruin your friendship

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

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u could say it to anyone u want! friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and family etc.

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Well you could ask one of your friends to do it, or just ask around and see if anyone knows. Or you could casually ask him if he has a girlfriend and if he asks why, just say you were curious or just wondered about it.

If you two are genuine friends & nothing more, yes. There should not be an issue. Just remember to be respectful of his relationship & his girlfriend.

if all your friends shout " do it do it do it" over and over again

No, it is not wise for the new girlfriend and ex wife to be friends and the ex wife should move on. If children are involved then the ex husband and ex wife should be dealing with this.

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If you are the "Ex-Girlfriend" than you should either, A. Ignore Your Ex-Boyfriend B. Ignore His New Girlfriend C. Try To Be Friends D. Cry Your Eyes Out E. Be A Jerk To Him You should do C.

If her friends are girls and you go out with them and your girlfriend theres a chance that they will flirt with u. It will end very bad. Going out with just your girlfriend is much better, or if she really wants you to go with her and her friends, ask her if you can bring some of your friends, that way your girlfriends friends have other guys to flirt with, rather than with you.

yes!!! ~ No. Sorry, but he has a girlfriend. If she's his girlfriend, that means he's not completely interested in anyone else, otherwise the other person would be his girlfriend.

If she's your girlfriend you should be able to talk to her about it. If not you could ask some of her close friends maybe?

Make friends, get a girlfriend so u can have a good sex life

Let them be friends, afterall he is YOUR husband. You should be able to trust him with his ex girlfriend. He picked you for a reason, you have to trust him.

Your friend's hot girlfriend. (Ba-dump ching!) I suppose it depends on how good a friend he is, and exactly what you mean by "looking at you."

Always choose your friends over a girlfriend or boyfriend because if your girlfriend or boyfriend do not work out you won't have your friends there to support you.... However relationships are equally important. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will make you feel needed and important and special.. In the long run you should not have to choose but if some reason you do. It's your choice :) good luck

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