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Can a laptop lcd screen be fixed after laptop fell and now the screen is covered with colorful vertical lines?

If a laptop fell and now the screen is covered with colorful vertical lines, the LCD screen cannot be fixed. However, the screen can be replaced to restore the laptop back to working condition.

Fell and hit back of head?

If you fell and hit the back of your head, you need to monitor yourself for a while. You need to tell someone that you fell. It's possible that you may have a concussion.

How can i get her back?

By being the person she fell in love with

A key fell off the laptop keyboard. How do you install this key back on the keyboard?

you need to press key back to its position but careful it is a delicate is steps for that laptop keyboard repair.Use a small dab of super glue to replace keys that have fallen off. Place a small dab of glue directly on the round part that holds the key in place and lightly press the key down. When the glue dries, you'll be able to use your laptop again.

What happens if your adult tooth fell out?

well, if an adults tooth fell out it would not grow back on you will just end up with a hole where the tooth fell out!

Your guinea pig fell what do you do?

put him back in his cage.

fell on butt ?

why is my back hurting real bad

Will the claw grow back?

what if my fiddler crabs claw fell off, will it grow back?

Do your molars fall out at the age of 11 and grow back?

If it is your baby molars fell out, then they will grow back.

How did jaleel white die?

he died and fell and broke his back

How does Suzanne Collins fell about The Hunger Games?

well the hunger games trilogy hard back were on the floor and she didnt see them and fell!

What has the author Reese Fell Alsop written?

Reese Fell Alsop has written: 'George and His Horse Go West' 'Back talk'

You fell on your back and your upper back hurts when you breathe?

possibly a broken or brused rib. Get it checked out though.

What is an example sentence for spasm?

As he fell, he could feel a spasm in his back.

What is the movie were a man fell in to ocean and come back as dog?


i slipped and fell on a wet floor in a bathroom in a city owned building. I have a previous back injury. Do I have any recourse?

I slipped and fell in Water in a super market and had previous back issue's. Did you find an answer to your question?

How to control pus cells in urine?

My problem is pus cell and i fell pain in back snd knees and i am man i fell weak ness

If a nest fell out of a tree should you leave it on the ground for the momma to come back?

Wear gloves and put it back.

What happened to the king's man when humpty-dumpty fell?

The 'Kings Men' couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty back together again when he fell.

How do you restore honor and dignity to your relationship?

go back to the place were you fell in love

What states fell back from European ascendancy following the religious wars?


What happened after the battle of the bulge for the Germans?

they fell back to Germany to defend Berlin

I have a problem in my mini notebook laptop. It says Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. What can I do?

'Cause my brother fell my laptop on the ground and I don't know if it's already broken. I'm so scared 'cause this laptop is so expensive. :(

How did isac newton disscover graverty?

He saw that an apple fell from a tree and wondered why it fell down and why it didn't just stay in the air floating. [ It fell down because of the gravitational pull pulling it back towards the ground ] .

Is it true that a boy fell in a gorilla enclosure and the silver back protected it as if he was a baby gorilla?

No. No. No.