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Your gas gauge on your Ford 1988 Aerostar Van doesn't't work all the time how can you repair this Do you need to change your sensor or the float in it?


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August 03, 2007 3:46AM

The fuel gauge sensor is attached to the fuel pump inside the gas tank. If you want to fix it, you might as well change the fuel pump while you have the gas tank down, or you can do what I do, change the odometer to 0.00 when you fill up. I can go 350-365 miles on a tank (about 17 mpg). Another common cause for a fuel gauge not to work is a bad "Anti-slosh module". This is a small circuit board (1.5" x 1.5") that is located on the back of the instrument cluster. The solder connections on the board tend to crack and cause the fuel gauge to be inoperable. Can be easily fixed with a soldering iron (usually) or replaced with another board.