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standard or auto?

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Q: Your gear shifter is stuck in low How do you Bring it back up to park?
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Dirt bike is stuck in one gear?

If your dirt bike is stuck in gear, the shifter fork is most likely bent or broken. Changing the shifter fork requires splitting the case.

Why is your gear shifter stuck in park 2003 Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer Column Shifter Lever Bracket Repair

What to do when your 1990 Lincoln Town Car shifter wont go in gear?

Check steering wheel It may be stuck Turn hard back and forth

Why on my 1988 ford ranger is it stuck in 3rd gear and yet I can move the shifter into any other gear?

shifter is broke. my ranger was the same way. take the shifter off , and the ear on the other end will be broke. simple to fix. jus find another shifter like i did.

Why would the transmission be stuck in forth gear?

Most likely the shifter bushings are worn making it bind

What can be the problem on a Chrysler sebring if the gear is stuck in park?

If it is a 2007-2010 there is a spring retainer on the shifter that breaks.

Shifter does not go back into parking gear why?

your linkage might be bent

Mercedes 190e auto shifter stuck in park have had to remove ignition barrel as key would not turn can start the car but cannnot move gear stick?

Maybe brake shift cable from brake to gear shifter?

What would cause a gear shifter to be stuck in park and the car won't start?

Your steering column is locked. how do you fix it

Why is my S500 stuck in park?

If you cannot move the shifter out of the park position then you have a problem with the shifter cable or the brake safety lock. If you can move the shifter to the drive position, and it doesnt go in gear then you are a few quarts low on transmission fluid

How do you fix a stuck gear shift on a 1999 ford explorer?

bring it to a mechanic...

What is the inside of a gear shifter for a 2004 Lincoln aviator called?

shifter rod gear linkage

1999 5 speed beetle won't shift gears?

Not enough information. Will the car shift gears with the engine off? Is the gear shifter stuck in one particular gear?

Your Dodge Intrepid shifter cable problems The gear shifter just goes up and dowm without going into gear. What can i do to make it go into gear?

your shifter linkage is probably broken.

1992 ford ranger manual tranny stuck in gear any suggestions?

Remove shifter from the top and try to align shift pegs

What would cause your shifter to become loose and not lock into any gear on your 2005 Jeep Wrangler?

It may just be a screw came loose underneath your gear shifter. That is what happened to me. Just slide the stuff up to the top of your gear shifter and look underneath. If one of the bolts is udone, just simple put it back on.

How do you use overdrive on 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

Just put the gear shifter into od and go.Just put the gear shifter into od and go.

What fuse to look for in 2006 Chrysler 300 touring if gear is stuck?

The most common cause of the shifter to be stuck in park is a broken spring retainer in the shifter assembly. The only fuse that could cause that would be the brake lights fuse. If you have brake lights, it is not a fuse problem.

How do you change the gear shifter on a Volvo 240 gl where do you unscrew it?

The gear shifter has a retaining clip, just below the shifter knob. Hold the retaining clip in, on both sides of the shifter rod, and the shifter knob will come off.

Your dodge neon shifter is stuck in park and will not move into gear why?

my 2002 was also stuck in park. if you turn the key one click without turning on the electricity, you can move the shift into neutral and it will work there. on the top of the brake pedal is a little white box with a little black switch on it. Move switch to the left and then turn key on and move switch back to the right two clicks and this will unlock shifter.

Why does a turbo 350 transmission take off in 2nd gear but will go in first gear if you pull the shifter back hard?

Check the shifter linkages and adjust if needed. The linkage may be in d2 when the indicator shows drive.

89 jeep wrangler transmission gets stuck in 1st gear?

check your shifter bushings, next would be inside the trans at the shift collar.

I own a 2003 Nissan Altima my shifter is stuck in neutral and can't move it?

Try to have your Neutral Safety switch checked out or your brake switch, It controls the shifter so you cant put it in gear without pressing the brake

What is the proper name for the stick shifter assembly?

Gear shifter or manual transmission.

With a 91 Pontiac Sunbird manual transmission it is stuck in second gear and the shifter seems like it came broke from something what could it be?

Well I asked this one and now i will also answer it. It is one of the cables going from the shifter to the transmission broke