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Your girlfriend's depression is making you ill?

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Well, she is ill and in need of help, whether holistic or medical. She needs to be diagnosed properly and then take action to help her depression. This will not get better. Im sorry your getting ill but you have to do it for the two of you.

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What led to the practice of government assisting the ill and neglected?

The Depression

Can emotions make us sick?

Well, you can get ill from depression.

Can you get ill health retirement for arthritis of the spine and depression?

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Is depression and bipolar an illness or a disorder?

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Is it worthy to talk about psychology with a physically ill person?

No, I don't think that it's worthy to talk about psychology with a physically ill person if he /she is not if depression or shock .

What has the author Gary Rodin written?

Gary Rodin has written: 'Depression in the medically ill' -- subject(s): Mental Depression, Mental health, Sick

Are we guilty of making ourselves ill?

Yes often times if we feel guilty or stressed we feel ill.

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Is a suicidal person mentally ill?

They can be. Usually if someone is suicidal they are depressed, and Depression can be caused by a mental disorder

How did humor help people cope with the depression?

Humor helped uplift peoples spirits, making it easier to get through the depression

Does autonomic dysfunction cause depression?

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The adjective morose means sullen, ill-tempered, or gloomy. Moroseness is a state of gloominess, melancholy, or depression.

Who were considered undesirable by Nazis?

Jews..gays...blacks... anti nazi simpathisers.. people who have ill nesses. Depression etc

What event led to the practice of government assisting the ill and the neglected?

The Great Depression led to the government creating social programs that assisted the ill and neglected. The creation of these social programs were called the New Deal.

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