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No. As long as it's more than just an incident or two of spotting, she is not pregnant. It is not possible to get your period while pregnant. Actually, some women do experience a period while pregnant.

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Q: Your girlfriend has her period last week but she claimed it was lighter than normal however it lasted for 4 days is this an indication of pregnancy?
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Does bj penn have a daughter?

No. However, his girlfriend is apparently in the early stages of pregnancy.

Do you have cramps at the beginning of pregnancy?

I certainly did and the doctor told me it was completely normal, however serever cramps could be an indication of ectopic pregnancy if the pain becomes stabbing get it checked out

Is spotting normal in pregnancy?

Yes & no. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy that is red & accompanied with excessive cramping is a indication of a threatened miscarriage. However during early pregnancy spotting is very common but you should still report it to your doctor to be on the safe side.

Your girlfriend is in her first trimester of pregnancy however she was diagnosed of having gallstones 2 years ago what are the chances that it wont complicate the pregnancy?

I think that it won't complicate the pregnancy but it would most likely act up more. I have gallstones caused by pregnancy and they suck.

Is there a possible chance of pregnancy with brown discharge a week before period along with the feeling of being bloated and mood swings?

There is a possibility yes, especially if your period doesn't arrive. However, brown discharge can de a indication of a UTI and not only pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if your last period was three weeks ago and now you have mild cramping and your cervical mucous is clear and wet but not stretchy and sticky?

Hello, Cervical Mucus (CM) is not a indication of early pregnancy. CM becomes more frequent & increases in quantity if pregnancy occurs but this will not be noticeable until 1-2 months into pregnancy. Mild cramping may be a indication of early pregnancy but it sounds like your period is due soon, so this is most likely why you're cramping. However if your period does not arrive then see your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

Are stretch marks a sign of pregnancy?

Not a sign. However they can be a result of pregnancy.

What does it mean if i took 4 pregnant test and they are all negative?

Most likely the indication would be that you are not pregnant. However, if you are still feeling worried about this, you should go see a physician and have an actual blood pregnancy test administered.

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Depends on how good she does. Yes you do tip your girlfriend, however, you do NOT tip your EX-girlfriend.

What does it mean if you have discharge with a strong odor while pregnant?

Vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy. However vaginal discharge with a strong odour is usually a indication of an infection. See your Doctor for treatment as it can affect the baby during delivery.

If you had an ectopic pregnancy can you have a normal pregnancy later?

Yes, however, there is a likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy if you have a first one.

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