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3 years. There are no "goldfish" years like there are dog years.

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Q: Your goldfish is 3 years old how many years would that be in human years?
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How old is a cat in cat years if it is 76 in human years?

Well, in cat years it would be around 532. Or if you mean how many human years a cat would be if it is 76 in cat years, that would be around 11 years. 532 is a big number. o.O

How many fish years equal human years?

Most fish only live 3 years, so that's about an equivalent of 24 human years to one fish year. MOST fish only live 3 years. Goldfish can live 20 years or more. It depends on the fish you have. Some are one year, while others are 30 years.

Do you have to change the water in your goldfish's tank?

no as far as i no you dont. i dont have fish but as far as i no u dnt have to actually your wrong there, you have to change a goldfish tank alot more frequently then you think i would know because i had many of them the past four years!

How many years can goldfish live in a tank?

Given perfect water conditions and heaps of good food Goldfish commonly live for more than 20 years and grow to over 18 inches.

How many months will it take before a goldfish can lay an egg?

Under normal conditions Goldfish spawn only once a year and that is during late Springtime. Goldfish can usually breed when they are about 2 years old.

How many Hamster years are in one Human year?

I figured this out.......... its 30 years in human years;)

How many eggs would goldfish lay?

Several thousand in one spawning.

If you have two goldfish and one drowns so how many goldfish do you have?

A goldfish is not from the fish type of anabantid (labyrinth fish) who would actually really drown if they do not swim up to the water surface to breathe.

7 years how many human years?


How many cat years equal human years?

1 human year equates to about 7 cat years

How many human years are in cat years?

On average, one cat year is equal to five human years.

How many bird years in a human year?

there are 4 bird years in one human year

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