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replace the head light switch

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What could cause your 99 dodge Dakota to not idle?

it happen too my 01 dodge Dakota the sensor is beside the throttle positin sensensor

Why do your low beam headlights on your Dodge Dakota go off and on?

Loose electrical connection. Could be in the wiring, ground, or switch.

When should the side marker lights come on for a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

When the headlights are on.

Why is there no have heat in a 98 dodge Dakota?

A possible cause could be that you have a clogged heater core.

What could be wrong if there is no dash lights or headlights or taillights for a dodge Dakota 2001?

Blown fuse, failed switch, broken wire, burnt out bulbs,

How much should you pay for a used Dodge Dakota?

Depending on the year of the Dodge Dakota and the condition of the vehicle, you could pay a wide range for a used Dodge Dakota. Your cost could be from $600.00 all the way to $20,000.00.

How do you turn on driving lights in 2000 Dodge Dakota sport?

When turning headlights on, pull out on headlight switch knob.

What recalls should I be aware of regarding my 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

The suspension and headlights. You can find a list here

What cant cause a misfire on a dodge magnum?

Turning on the headlights with the engine turned of.

Will a bad belt tensioner on a 94 dodge Dakota tick?

It could.It could.

What should you look for if your headlights taillights horn all go out but still have turn signals in a dodge Dakota truck?

A blown fuse.

What cause fuel to get in crank case 1990 dodge Dakota?

Leaking injector is the most common cause.

Do all 1969 dodge chargers have headlights?

yes all 69 dodge chargers have headlights.

What makes a 1999 Dodge Dakota sputter?

There are a few things that can cause a 1999 Dodge Dakota to sputter. For example, the battery may be malfunctioning or the park plugs can be going bad.

Your 1996 Dodge Dakota dies at a stop but idles like a champ what could be the cause?

Hey.Is it a 6 or v8? and have you checked it for any trouble codes?

When was Dodge Dakota created?

Dodge Dakota was created in 1986.

When did Dodge stop making the Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota was in the Dodge car brand until 2009, and was sold as the RAM Dakota until 2012.

Would a bad o2 sensor cause a 02 dodge Dakota to stall?

Yes, a bad O2 sensor would cause a 2002 Dodge Dakota to stall. It would also cause bad fuel mileage and hard idling within the vehicle.

What makes headlights quit working on 87 Dodge Dakota?

i just had this problem on my 93 Dakota it was the switch in the dash! it was a very simple fix the part was about $12.00 at autozone and it took about 15 min to fix.

Why did my 1991 Dodge Dakota 3.9L 2x2 lose headlights taillights and brke lights not the f1 fuse?

check all fuseable links and/or grounds

Can a 1995 Dodge Dakota computer work with a 1997 Dodge Dakota?


Why does your heater on your 1996 dodge Dakota spirit blow cold air?

Cause its broke!

What could cause your oil gauge to fluctuate on your 2000 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4x4?

if its the 4.7 its oil sludge. i had to replace my engine. poor design

Does a fuel filter on 1987 Dodge Dakota cause the truck to start and then stop?

The fuel filter could cause a start and stall. Other causes could include the fuel pump, computer, various sensors, and ignition system.

When did they stop making the Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota was originally taken off of Dodge in 2009, then renamed the RAM Dakota until 2012.