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IN the tool bar at the top of the screen click on "Tools". Select "internet Options..." In the box at the top of the grey window that opens it will say "" or something very similar to that. Click on the "Default" button. If that doesn't work, delete the "MSN" and type in the address you want. If that doesn't work, open the page you want to be your home page, click on "Tools", select "Internet Options...", and click on the "Use Current" button.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-04 01:41:59
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Q: Your home page has been hijacked how do you get rid of msn com home page?
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What if your home page has been hijacked how do you get ri d of msn com home page?

In this instance, it is likely not your home page that has been hijacked, it is likely your browser. Check to see if it redirecting from other browsers and computers. Restart your browser and try it. You can also look at your source code for any link to a URL external to your domain, though again it is more probably the hijacking is of your local machine browser.

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