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The divorce papers should have released you from any and all obligations related to property no longer in your possession or ownership, so you should have no problem suing the the car company to remove the unpaid debt in your name and to pay you damages for libel, and your attorneys fees, if you're lucky.

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How can you get your name off the credit report if your ex let the joint credit card get charged off and the truck was repossessed?

The divorce is of no consequence. If your spouse and their ex opened joint accounts while they were married, they are jointly liable for those accounts and both credit reports will reflect the history. A divorce never supercedes any other contract. You mentioned that the accounts were "both in other spouses name". If that were true, the accounts would not be on your spouse's credit report in the first place.

Does your husband no longer have a credit history if he has been unemployed for 10 years even though you have joint credit accounts?

If you have joint accounts that have been open and active in the past 7-10 years, your husband has a credit history. Credit history has nothing to do with the status of his employment.

Is it legal for Husband take your credit card from purse?

If it is a joint account. probably not.

What kind of parental rights will my husband have for our children once the divorce is final?

The rights your ex-husband will have once you divorce will all depend on what the judge rules. He could have joint custody or split custody.

If your husband is the primary card holder does that give you credit history in a joint account?

Yes, as long as your listed as a "Co-signer" on the account. Credit is not build if you are just an "Authorized User" if this was a credit card account. Lastly, this all assumes that whatever this joint-account is that it reports to credit.

my ex husband and i agreed to joint custody in our divorce that was final in 2007. If I now want to move to ohio with my son can he stop me from doing so?

If your husband has joint legal custody he can contest you moving the child form the state where you share custody

Is the wife responsible if husband is using her credit card for illegal activities?

If they are joint user of the account, yes she is responsible

Are you responsible for credit card debt in a divorce if you are noy a joint cardholder?

The debt should have been divided appropriately in the divorce decree. If not, the fact that you are divorced and not on the card should insulate them from responsibility.

If the husband owns the credit card and adds his wife to the card and he opens another credit account against that credit card does that affect her credit score?

If the husband adds the wife as a "joint" it will show on her credit report but will most likely not be counted against her if she tried to apply for a loan. If the husband adds the wife as an "authorized user" it will not even show on her credit report because she has no legal obligation to pay the credit card bills, but she has the right to use the card.

How will a divorce affect your chapter 13 bankruptcy?

A divorce decree does not supersede any contract. Even if the decree states that the husband is responsible for the repayment of creditors, if he doesn't pay, the creditors will call the wife and her credit report will also suffer the consequences of late or non payment. Separate all joint accounts before filing [for divorce] to make sure you don't get stuck with all/any debt.

Does your bad credit affect your husband if he has good credit?

Actually I think that the only way it can hurt him in any ways is if you are trying to fial joint to like buy a car or a house or such.

If you filed bankruptcy 4 years ago and your new husband has stellar credit history does your credit have to be checked when applying for a lease?

If it is going to be a joint obligation, then they will check your credit status. If both incomes are not needed to qualify for the transaction, the husband could apply in his name only. Therefore only his credit rating would be used.

If you and your husband have joint credit card accounts why would nothing come up on a credit report using his SS number only under yours?

You would have to get a copy of his credit report from all three bureaus to answer this.

Will your medical bills be reported on your spouse's credit?

No. Credit reports show individual and joint debts, but not as husband and wife. For example, a married couple hold a joint mortgage it will be on both of their credit reports, individual accounts including medical bills will only appear on the CR of the spouse who incurred the debt.

I filed bankruptcy for my credit cards my wife has her own credit cards in her name am I obligated to pay her credit cards also when we get a divorce?

If your name is not on the account, and the account is not considered a "joint account" by the credit card company, then you should not be held liable for any debt on your wife's credit cards.

Your divorce was final in June 2006 in June of 2007 you reconciled and have been living together ever since can you file joint for 2007 and you have a child?

No you can not file a joint return if you reconciled with your husband unless you remarry. Only married couples can file joint tax returns.

You filed for a divorce you 1992 your husband never signed papers you didn't file Declaration for Default so after 15 years is the divorce automatically finalized by the court?

I live in Pennsylvania my husband filed and served me with divorce papers over two years ago now today I found out from City Hall that he had put an hold on divorce. And that he would have to withdraw papers or continue for our divorce to proceed. I want a divorce now. I I apply for a divorce in another State or Mexico, And will it be valid. we have joint custody over 2 teens. I just want out! Please help!

What happens to a joint account when the primary divorces the secondary member of the account?

All accounts of every nature should be addressed in the Separation Agreement and the Divorce Decree. The joint credit card accounts and any joint bank or investment accounts must be negotiated by the parties (through their attorneys) as to who pays what and who gets what. Property, debts and assets must all be addressed at the time of the divorce.

If judge ordered your ex to pay a credit card debt because he incurred the debt after the divorce was filed how do you get it taken off of your credit report in Arizona?

Marital status has no bearing on liability, neither does what a divorce judge says or when the debt was incurred. Any account holder on a joint account is liable for the balance due, regardless of any other legal action (like a divorce). Such an account cannot "be taken off of your credit report". You are liable for the money because you signed a contract. The only way to get rid of the debt is to pay it (and close the joint account), or discharge it in bankruptcy (if possible). You may be able to take your ex to court for violating the terms of the divorce decree, but that would have no affect on your credit.

Your husband and you have no joint accounts if you file bankruptcy will his credit be affected?

No. But all joint debts will become his responsibility. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

If your ex files bankruptcy on a joint credit card they were court ordered to pay is there anything you can do to protect your credit?

No. Creditors do not care about divorce settlements concerning joint debts. The person not filing the bankruptcy will be held responsible for repaying any joint debt that was incurred during the marriage. The only protection for the ex-spouse is filing his/her own bankruptcy if they cannot pay the debt.

What happens to a joint credit card bill with a zero balance at the time of a divorce that one party continues to use and then files for bankruptcy?

A joint account remains the liability of both persons regardless of their marital status. If someone has their liability discharged through bankruptcy, the other account holder would be 100% liable for the balance on the account. If this account was addressed in the divorce decree, the spouse MAY be able to seek relief through the divorce court. But that jurisdiction and any ruling there would have no impact of their credit report.

Why does my husband who has JOINT custody of his daughter pay child support to his ex wife?

Child support is paid to the wife so she can have money to raise the child. Maybe your husband made more money than his wife when they were still married. It's all in divorce papers. Talk to your husband about it.

If you have bad credit and outstanding credit card debt from 6 yrs ago you are getting married can the credit card people go after your new husband for the out standing balance?

NEW ANSWERThey can not touch your new husband for your bad debt, unless this was a joint account or he was some how connected with the account, such as he was a co-signer, etc.Good luck to youAnswerNo.Y-THINK-Y

Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed vs Divorce Decree If a warranty deed is in Joint Tenancy and a divorce decree says its a 60 40 split which document rules?

Ok the property is held in joint tenancy which means upon the death of one of the joint tenants, the property, by operation of law, passes to the survivor. The Divorce Decree (Judgment) does not effect this. Now if a memorandum of the Divorce Decree was recorded it would become a lien on the property and would eventually have to be satisfied from a sale. If both of the joint tenants are alive, the Divorce Decree controls. If one of the joint tenants dies the estate of the deceased joint tenant would have a claim against the surviving joint tenant under the Decree. Tony B.