Your husband has to take over everything you enjoy?

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tell him to stop..or leave...spouses should not be involved in everything their significant other does...its smothering and it makes people pissed off at one another, tell him you need your space
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What to do if a step daughter is taking alcohol and drugs and tells everything to your daughter but she doesnt want you to betray her by telling everything to your husband?

That's a tough spot to be in. Believe me, I know.. Fathers don't want to hear that their little girls are behaving badly.. The problem is compounded by the fact that the gir

Should a Wife take on a leadership role over her Husband?

That tends to be the husband's role and many men would feel emasculated if you did this. Of course, even if women have traditionally been the home makers and men have been the

Why is Google taking over everything?

Google's rise is a complicated phenomena. There are several factors which facilitate it. 1) anti-Microsoft rage and skepticism: Microsoft crushed its opposition in the early

How long does it take for a wife to get over her husband cheating on her?

Trust is one of those precious things that comes back smaller than it was before it left. When cheating occurs, trust is hard to recover and is never as strong as it once was.

Why are the black people taking over tv and everything else?

Because white people had enough fame for these years. Black people came a really long way from slavery to racism and being brutally beaten down because of the color of their s
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How do you make your husband enjoy sex?

im almost positive he 'enjoys' it . everyone does :P but if you would like to make it more 'arousing' then just change it up a bit . do something you have never done before .
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What do you do when your ex husband is stalking you and takes everything leaving a hole in your fence?

You file a police report immediately and take dated photos to accompany the report and keep as evidence. You call the police every time you see him hanging around or you thin
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Why does your husband think he knows everything?

Two possible reasons: A. He knows everything, so he is right to think he knows everything. B. It's a man's job to take care of the family unit. To not "know everything" mean