Your husband has to take over everything you enjoy?

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tell him to stop..or leave...spouses should not be involved in everything their significant other does...its smothering and it makes people pissed off at one another, tell him you need your space
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How can you get over someone if everything reminds you of them?

Answer . \nI am sorry to hear you are hurting, but this is a very normal feeling when you split up from someone you still love. It takes time, but eventually that hurt goes away. As soon as you get over the worst of it (a grieving process in a sense) and get back on your feet and get out there ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your mother-in-law thinks your husband does everything for your new baby but really he is never home and you are the one taking care of that child?

Answer . \nThe best way, from personal expierience, is to simply show up at her home whenever your husband is "out" or call and invite her over to your home,(if hes out everyday go every day if you can stand it) when she asks where her son is, just tell her where he is , she should get the pictu ( Full Answer )

What to do if a step daughter is taking alcohol and drugs and tells everything to your daughter but she doesnt want you to betray her by telling everything to your husband?

That's a tough spot to be in. Believe me, I know.. Fathers don't want to hear that their little girls are behaving badly.. The problem is compounded by the fact that the girl's father has the legal responsibility & ability to get his daughter the help she needs.. Possibly the solution is to talk ( Full Answer )

Can the women take everything?

You mean like in a divorce?? It depends on the circumstances and,also, your view of "everything."

If the mother leaves her child and husband and the husband takes over the care of the child who has legal rights to that child and does the father have to pay child support to the mother?

Answer . If a mother leaves her children in her husbands care and leaves the marital home then he owes her no child support. In fact she owes him child support. They have joint custody of the children until a court decides otherwise and unless there is a good reason it would continue that way. H ( Full Answer )

Do women enjoy spanking their husbands or boyfriends?

Answer Answer One could say that both sexes enjoy this sport of spanking, but we also have to say that it's not for everyone. Some people don't like spankings at all. I don't know if my wife likes doing it but I do like her doing it.

What do you do when your husband argues with almost everything anyone says especially you and then he can be the most giving person ever how much more can you take being verbally yelled at as well.?

Argumentative or abusive? . There is a huge difference between being chronically argumentative or contentious and being abusive. The former is just a bad habit or, at most, a character flaw that can be corrected. The latter is far more serious a problem. If he is merely disagreeable, you'll have ( Full Answer )

Wife enjoys being with her friends more than her husband?

Perhaps their company is more satisfying to her. Good friends are usually good listeners who understand give and take. Those are not always a husband's strong points. ANSWER 2 Many women go through this as a phase. Being with friends is very different to spending time with a spouse. She probab ( Full Answer )

How to not fight over everything?

First off is when someone is talking one should learn how to listen, do not interrupt till he finish and state out his point. It's a matter of self discipline to avoid arguing over trivial matters, reserve your voice for important discussion of more serious problems. I know it's really hard not to a ( Full Answer )

What were the advantages the north enjoyed over the south?

In virtually every way important to waging a war. Much higher population,industrial base with which to produce weapons and equipment,much more extensive railroad system for transport of troops and equipment,an established Navy for controlling traffic on the seas,and bombardment of coastal forts. The ( Full Answer )

Should a Wife take on a leadership role over her Husband?

That tends to be the husband's role and many men would feel emasculated if you did this. Of course, even if women have traditionally been the home makers and men have been the wage earners, women have been the unwritten leaders of the home and have achieved their aims anyway.. Perhaps the logical t ( Full Answer )

Who rules over everything?

In a religious based society God is the ultimate ruler over everything, the one who supplies us with our basic necessities in life.. While it can be said, in a politically based society the government is the ruler over everything within a state.

Why do parents take everything seriously?

Because they are worried about you... think about what parents have to think about in life,, they have to think about you, there job, food, clothes, paying the bills,, making sure you get an education..retirement..,, just try to think how they do. that's just the way parents are, because these days ( Full Answer )

What is an advantage corporations enjoy over partnerships?

There are several: Corporations have limited liability, they are usually not affected by the death or departure of an executive, and the business decisions do not have to be the consensus of all of the owners. The owners of a corporation don't have to work together to make all of the business decisi ( Full Answer )

How do you stop a family member from stealing an estate of husband and wife who died 120 days apart his brother taking everything rather than following wishes but there is no will?

The next of kin of the last surviving spouse would inherit under the laws of intestacy of the state where they lived. If the brother is not the only next of kin then someone needs to contact an attorney and initiate a probate proceeding. An estate must be probated in order for title to real property ( Full Answer )

If the wife abandoneds the husband and is gone 4 three years and he passes away and he willed everything to his girlfriend can the wife take it all?

The husband can only give what he owned. His interest in the real estate depends on how he and his wife held title to the real estate and whether he was legally divorced. If he and his wife owned the property as joint tenants with the right of survivorship then she became the sole owner when he died ( Full Answer )

Why is Google taking over everything?

Google's rise is a complicated phenomena. There are several factors which facilitate it. 1) anti-Microsoft rage and skepticism: Microsoft crushed its opposition in the early 90s and browser development remained inert for four years. Then in 2003 Microsoft suffered a series of data breaches and hack ( Full Answer )

Advantage corporations enjoy over partnerships?

Corporations are protected from liability. Partnerships aren't. Ifa partnerships is sued, the partners are responsible. It is betterto incorporate if you are dealing with the public.

Why do people enjoy taking drugs?

People often use drugs for the altered state of mind they produce. Once they have used the drug then the addiction starts too.

If you are not the beneficiary of your husbands estate will you lose everything?

Not necessarily. You should consult with an attorney. In most states in the United States a spouse cannot be disinherited. The various state laws provide a spouse with the right to take a statutory portion of the estate by "election". That portion is often the same portion the spouse would receive u ( Full Answer )

How long does it take for a wife to get over her husband cheating on her?

Trust is one of those precious things that comes back smaller than it was before it left. When cheating occurs, trust is hard to recover and is never as strong as it once was. A wife who's husband cheats (or a husband who's wife cheats) will most likely never get over it entirely. She can try to put ( Full Answer )

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How?

The answer to this logic problem is: The woman is a photographer. She 'shot' her husband's picture with a camera. She held it under "water" (developer) to develop, and then hung it on the line to dry the photograph. After she developed it, they went out to eat. . The woman is Polyandrous- she has 2 ( Full Answer )

What do your husband do to enjoy sex for long time?

What you can do for him: First, Don't be in a hurry , go slow. Men for the most part are logical by nature, most become aroused by site, sounds and fragrance, learn what arouses him in these areas and your well on your way for setting the mood. Nakedness, teasing and kissing triggers his testoster ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your in laws always want you to work as their maid servant and take everything away from you and you have become very depressed over this situation?

If you and your husband are living with your in laws then it is up to both you and your husband to help with chores and earn your keep if you are not paying rent and this is not considered maid service. If you are paying rent and staying in another part of the house helping the mother in law with pr ( Full Answer )

How you enjoy taking tests?

Think of it as a chance to show what you know. Think of it as a challenge, there is no pressure just an opportunity. Definitelly be ready for it and become interested int he subject it is about so you can enjoy it.

What were advantages the north enjoyed over the south?

Much bigger population from which to recruit armies. Traditional advantage in artillery, including new rifled cannon Industrial capability - access to all kinds of war-supplies More railroad mileage - whole armies could move by train Big enough navy to blockade Southern coast ( Full Answer )

Why are the black people taking over tv and everything else?

Because white people had enough fame for these years. Black people came a really long way from slavery to racism and being brutally beaten down because of the color of their skin. God created us different, but equal so give black people a chance. They are people just like us.

How do you make your husband enjoy sex?

im almost positive he 'enjoys' it . everyone does :P but if you would like to make it more 'arousing' then just change it up a bit . do something you have never done before . try . . . 'playing around more' ;) or try toys . they most of the tme amp up your intercoarse . anotherway is to just not ( Full Answer )

Should you take everything to heart?

no u shouldnt, u should be the bigger person and ignore it. if people are sad enough to give it u should just wave them off. xx

Does everything perish over time?

Most everything. Water would be the exception. The amount of water on Earth is always the same, it is just in different stages of the water cycle at different times.

What do you do when your ex husband is stalking you and takes everything leaving a hole in your fence?

You file a police report immediately and take dated photos to accompany the report and keep as evidence. You call the police every time you see him hanging around or you think he has been on your property. You tell all your friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for him and report it to the pol ( Full Answer )

Do women enjoy doing their husbands in the anus?

A lot of women would probably like to try this, if hubby was willing. There are several ways to do it, and some of them let the woman watch her husband's response. A lot of the fun of sex comes from enjoying your partner's response.

How do you get over an ex that ment everything to you?

i had the same problem and i thought he was the one meant for me i mean i thought he was like the world in front of me but the day came and he broke up with me and the next day we get together then the next day he breaks up with me and that really hurts my feelings cuz it happened 4 days ago and the ( Full Answer )

Why enjoying taking physics course?

My point was that they expect you to have take those physic courses .... Taking O chemII at the same time and I actually enjoy it this semester.

Why does your husband think he knows everything?

Two possible reasons: A. He knows everything, so he is right to think he knows everything. B. It's a man's job to take care of the family unit. To not "know everything" means that he cannot properly take care of the family unit. This is a very old, deep-seated mandate among men. Some men are more ( Full Answer )

Can a husband leave everything to ex instead of wife?

No. In most jurisdictions in the United States a spouse cannot disinherit their spouse. Louisiana is the only exception. If the husband left all his property to his ex-wife in his will, his wife could claim a portion under the doctrine of spousal election . That portion is generally the share she ( Full Answer )

What advantages did the Union enjoy over the Confederacy?

\n. \n \n Much bigger population from which to recruit armies. \n \n Traditional advantage in artillery, including new rifled cannon \n \n Industrial capability - access to all kinds of war-supplies \n \n More railroad mileage - whole armies could move by train \n \n ( Full Answer )