Your husband is selling digital cameras for a living Some of his buyers are photographers who also do nude photography Is is permissable for him to sell cameras to such people knowing what they will?

Well, heres a thought....just to get the naked girls out of your head you perv! Chances are.. he works on commission. And chances are.... that commission makes a HUGE difference in his pay check. So aboslutely!!! he should sell them every add on he can too!! everything from uv filters to the sb900. Take this into consideration as well... does he sell point and shoots too? little pocket sized cameras..... how many teenager are taking 1/2 naked pictures in mirrors and posting them on my space? should he not sell those to them because theyre making child porn?! :O yes he should. because what people do to their electronics is their buissness. i don't care if you go home and make out with your toaster every night. that's fine. its yours. Im making a living. Evidently your making a living too if you can go out and waste money on toasters to kiss.