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Bleeding is due to the small vessels in the ear cartilage having been cut. Partly due to the piercer not looking at the cartilage piercing carefully enough to avoid damaging the vessels structures. Bleeding will occur with all cartilage piercings, how much depends on the location of the vessels.

Don't clear the clots away from the piercing (this is the bodies way of plugging the leak) allowing the clots to stay for 24 hours will allow the body to close the damaged vessels from the inside out. Washing the piercing under running water will rinse the clots away and not irritate the piercing thus preventing the piercing from bleeding again. The bleeding should ease within 24 ~ 48 hours.

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Q: Your industrial piercing is bleeding from no obvious signs of trauma including while sleeping how much bleeding is 'normal' and should you always clean the clotted blood right away?
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Why is your nape piercing bleeding?

Well what did you do to it? Look surface piercings are the hardest piercings to take care of and protect from snagging and out side irritation. There are various reasons why your piercing would bleed, it could be still healing, snagged or hooked when you were sleeping. unless you are covering it at night with a bandage the piercing will keep bleeding until it heals to a point where irritation is no longer and issue.

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What can help me I am 15 and I have wanted my Industrial pierced for over 3 years. I am finally getting it done Monday (from a professional) but I am nervous. Its a very painful piercing and I don't?

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How long till the serious pain of your industrial piercing goes away so that you are able to sleep on your ear again?

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Is it normal for lip piercing to hurt when you first wakeup?

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Theres no way to predict that. Everyone is different. There isn't really a reason why you shouldn't be comfortable sleeping with jewelry in. Try studs, rings, and horse shoes to see which works out best. Putting jewelry in and out irritates the piercing. I don't risk leaving piercings naked until they're at least a year old.

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