Your keyless entry only works sometimes any help?

1. Get remote in known working range and push both the lock & unlock bottons at the same time- this will reset the unit. 2.Replace the battery in the remote. Your local radio shack should be able to assist.Repeat step one. 3. New battery - remote still not working - open unit and remove battery even if you didn't install it, you should have watched your Radio Shack guy do it. Proceed with cleaning your remote with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. Use dielectric grease and apply to o-ring seals very very lightly if handy otherwise never mind. Now reassemble and repeat step 1. 4. It may be time for a new remote entry unit. Shop around, you can usually get an alarm system for your truck with the remote entry unit for just a fraction more than a replacement unit which is dealer only at this time. GOOD LUCK == == Also, if you have installed or had installed any type of window tint, this frequently interferes with remote entry systems and gps receivers. They make a high end type of tint known as ceramic tint which causes no interference, but it is very pricey and is not worth the initial buy. Hope this helps!