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This could have been implantation bleeding where the fertilized egg implants into the uterine walls could you be pregnant? if there is event the slightest possibility go get an at home test asap and see whats going on hope this helps good luck and God Bless!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 06:33:54
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Q: Your last period was really early and extremely light and short from what you are used to could it have been a false period?
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If You got your period a week early but it is extremely light could you be pregnant?

get a test.

You just had your period on July 23 your breasts are always tender a week before your period you woke up a few days ago and by breasts are really sore it is to early for your period what could cause t?

It could be your period. I had my last period around that time, and I am on week three of my bcp so you could be due early next week.

If your period comes early what could that mean?

an early period is nothing to worry about, it could even just be from stress.

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is it bad to get your period a week early?

not really

Your period is early could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period early and lighter than normal?

Can you be pregnant if your period is early and after then you have constipation

What does it mean when you bleed a week when your not on your period?

It could be that your period is early by a week

Trying to conceive and period arrived 5 days early and is extremely light and off and on Hpt was negative and never been early or late to get period before could that be sign of pregnancy?

It could be implantation bleeding. I got a very faint positive the day after I missed my period and a dark positive 4 days after, I tested the day of my period and it was negative. Wait until your period is actually due and then test. Good luck!

What if you get your period too early?

Could just be early? emilyrocks233-i got my period in 3rd grade is that bad :(

3 days early period could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you have a period that is early and light in flow?


Is there any chance you could become pregnant whilst on your period?

It is very highly unlikely. During your period your body is cleansing. BUT if you have extremely short cycles, or ovulate very early its not impossible for sperm to survive up to 5 days inside you. So intercourse from during your period could possibly impregnate you if you ovulate immediatly after. But unlikely!

If you get your period early could you be pregnant if even on the pill?

No some early or late periods are normal.

What could cause your period to arrive a few days early?


What could cause your period to come one week early?

Not to worry.

Could you be pregnant if your period was early and only lasted 48 hours?

yes you could be and yes you could have been

Can you get your period a week late that is light and then really heavy with bad cramps and be pregnant?

Most likely you are not pregnant. You could have has an early miscarriage however. Best wishes, T

Could you be pregnant if your period is three days late and you are really sick to your stomach?

yes you could be...if you are three days late an early pregnancy test could be taken right now..try the First Response Pregnancy Test!

Did police and prisons exist in early modern period?

they did exist in the early modern period and they were really srtrict if a murder occured they wouldnt give them a life sentence they would kill them

Could you be pregnant if you got your period 4 days early but it was only heavy for about a day and then it got really light and spotty?

Sometimes your period is just plain irregular. If you're unsure, take an HPT or see your doctor.

Could girls that dont get their period at early age can't get pregnant?

I dont think that really makes a difference, as long as you have your period you are able to get pregnant unless something else is wrong with you that enables you or makes it difficult for you to get pregnant

Is there a chance of pregnancy if your period is 14 days early and you were with your boyfriend a day before?

14 days early would not indicate pregnancy, but it could be an implantation bleed, or it could be caused by sex or just an early period, I would go and see the doctor if it doesnt stop in the normal period time or take a home pregnancy test when your period is due.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period 2 weeks early and then 2 weeks later you start your normal period?


You started your period a week early Iv been spotting for 4 days brown discharge with light cramping could you be pregnant?

possibly, or it could be a very early miscarriage ....... or it could just be your body doing weird things during your period