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Your lawn mower won't start you think you put too much oil in it and ran it a couple of times. What should you do It acts like it wants to start but doesn't fully turn over?


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May 29, 2007 6:30PM

When you say you put too much oil in it and it ran a couple of times, I assume you have a two-stroke engine where you mix the oil with the gasoline. You need to drainthe fuel mixture and replace with the correct gasoline/oil mixture. It may be necessary to remove the carburetor and clean it off with carburetor cleaner to remove the accumulated oil, you might also want to clean out the fuel lines. If it isa four-stroke engine where you add oil at the oil sump. you need to drain some of the oil to attain the proper level, remove the spark plug and clean it well - it may take several cleanings in orderto remove enouigh oil from the cylinder for it to start.(or replace with a new spark plug - itmay be necessary to also clean upa few times). - Good luck.