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We are not vets on this sight, so it would be to your best interest to take your male Siamese cat to the vets for a good all round physical and tell the vet about the muscle mass loss. It could simply be the cat is getting older or is less active. You know the old saying "You don't use it you lose it!"

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Q: Your male flame point Siamese has lost muscle mass and weightHe used to sleep a lot more than the other cats he eats and plays and does not appear to be in pain?
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Are flame point Siamese all males?

Flame point Siamese cats are also known as Colorpoint Shorthair. No, Flame point Siamese cats are not all males; there are also females.

Is the flame point Siamese cat rare?

The CFA classify the flame point Siamese cat as a Colorpoint Shorthair and refer to them as Red Points but do not acknowledge them as a Siamese. Other cat registries do acknowledge them as Siamese but instead of flame they refer to them as red. The flame point, while not exactly rare, is not seen as often as a blue point.

Are flame point Siamese hypoallergenic?

No cat, including Siamese, are hypoallergenic. Siamese are one type of cat that may cause fewer allergic reactions because of their short fur.

Flame point Siamese cat for sale?

If you are looking for a flame point Siamese cat to buy, you should check pet stores or reputable breeders. The cats are known as Red Points in the CFA.

What should be the average weight of a flame point Siamese?

A female Siamese cat should weight between eight and 12 pounds. Male Siamese cats weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. These weights are averages and your cat could weight more or less.I have a flame point Siamese named gonzo and he weighs 7 pounds

What is a Flame Point Siamese?

A Flame Point Siamese is the term applied by nonbreeders to a cat that has Siamese ancestry but sports "points" or colors on ears, paws and tail of an orange/apricot color. In America these cats are referred to not as Siamese, but as Red "Oriental Short haired color points". In Britain and other parts of the world, the term "color point" is used to refer to Himalayan and Persians with orange points! In the US and elsewhere, TICA recognizes red- and cream-points as Siamese, while CFA classifies them as Oriental Shorthairs. TICA does not use the term "flame point" for anything.

How much does a flame point Siamese cost?

Around 100 dollars if you go thru rescue!

What does a point looks like?

If you are talking about a flame point Siamese cat, I can tell you. They have orange ears and nose, and orange striped tails, and are all white besides that. They occasionally ( mine does, I have one) can have orange tails. Let me tell you the story of my kitten Siamese. We had two normal parents and this kitten got bigger and one day my grandpa found a picture of him online! A Flame Point Siamese KITTEN! We have no idea how he came to be one, his parents weren't Siamese, surely!

What do a flame point Siamese cat cost?

The cost of a Siamese cat varies. The price depends on the breeder or rescue, the blood line, age, and health. Typically they range from 75 to 600 dollars.

How much does a flame point Siamese weight?

There really isn't a flame point siamese. It is correctly called a red point. Siamese can come in several different colors, but other cat organizations recognise different colors in siamese. The US only recognises certain colors. Other colors may include apricot, cinnamon, red, carmel, fawn, cream, etc. The color doesn't have anything to do with the weight. Depending on if the cat is traditional or not, it can weigh between 5 and 16 pounds, give or take.

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How expensive is a flame point Siamese?

The price you pay for your flame point Siamese is most likely to be from 80 dollars(pound, craigslist, although there is no guarantee it would be a full pedigree) to 300 plus for a breed registered cat. I paid 80 dollars for my flame point Siamese from Cat Rescue and he is the best cat I've ever owned,bar none.and if you looking for one you should look for a white kitten not a cat but a kitten with a touch of ginger on its tail and ears if its a kitten then you should be able to buy it for 20 dollars.

How rare is the flame point Siamese?

This is my Thomas he is my beautiful cat and friend. I found him at the dog rescue in Logan Co. They had him as a farm cat. I knew when I saw him he was special I got him as a kitten.. He is my buddy I love him so much. One of my friends found out what he was..I am a proud owner of him..

What type of cat is white with orange ears and orange stripes on their front legs?

It is either a flame point Siamese or a mix from that decent.

How much is a flame point Siamese worth?

How much a Flame Point Siamese cat is worth depends on various things including if it is pet quality or show quality. When purchasing a cat, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $100 and up depending on where you purchase the cat. Most cat owners cannot put a price on the value of their pets and to them, they are priceless.

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