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In the trunk of the vehicle is a switch that says on/off ANYTIME you raise your car even to change the tire make sure you turn it OFF. Sounds like you were unaware of this so you should shut it off now. In the future or if you still have the problem a good trick to do if your air bags are still in-tact is turn on your parking lights disconnect the positive from your battery for 2-3 mins and then reconnect this will reset your vehicle computer info. and will allow it to relearn itself , it may take 1-2 days for the operating height to be back at what it was before you raised it up. there is a switch for the air ride system you need to turn that off before you lift the car or you could blow the airbladders and thoses are expensive the switch is usually in the trunk or it the passenger front seat area under the dash your owners manual should be able to tell you where it is dont forget to turn it back on after you change your tire and put the car on the ground DO NOT TURN ON UNTIL CAR IS BACK ON THE GROUND SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCURE

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