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If you have the climate control heat/AC with the Auto setting your fan is a variable speed unit that has solid state controller. Very common for this controller to go out. The unit is mounted under the hood about 12 inches to the right of the fan motor. directly back from the right side valve cover. The unit ia about 4X2" with a connector on the right side. This unit can only be purchase at your dealer. difficult to change but it fixed my problem.

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If the AC on your 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis is blowing hot air and making a ticking noise what is the problem?

low on freon compressor kicking in and out

Mercury grand marquis will not start?

A bad starter can cause a Mercury Grand Marquis to not start. A bad alternator or a problem with the security system can be the cause for the car not starting.

Mercury Grand Marquis check air suspension light is on?

I have a 1998 ford grand Marquis- and the problem is the air suspension light stays on- how to fix this problem

What causes the front air conditioner on 1999 Lincoln navigator to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through the defrost vents?

When there is a problem in the vent system it defaults to defrost setting. Check the doors & vac supply

Hot air is not blowing in your 1996 Mercury Mystique?

air is blowing bat problem is no air com to front only in class

Will a F 150 transmission work in a Mercury?

If it is a Grand Marquis or any other V8 RWD Mercury, it shouldn't be a problem as long as they are of similar vintage

How do you turn off check engine light on a 1992 mercury grand marquis?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

What is the problem if after your 1988 mercury grand marquis shifts out of second gear the car is very choppy after that when you accelerate?

If a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis shifting out of second gear gets choppy after acceleration then the overdrive band may need servicing. An overdrive band that is sticking can also cause this problem.

Your 98 sebring lxi is stuck blowing out the defrost and will not go to any other setting. Any idea how to fix this annoying problem Thanks?

that usually indicates a vacuum leak which causes the system to go into default mode, which is defrost.

My 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis keeps blowing the fuse for the back tail lights?

Have to first remove all the light bulbs, then put in a fresh fuse, if it still blows, then you will have to follow all the wires to find the short. If the fuse does not blow, then the problem is with either the bulb or the socket.

Why is my vehicle's defrost blowing cold air when set at warm?

If the temperature cannot be changed for any of the direction settings, e.g., defrost, vents, floor, then the problem is very likely to be the blend door actuator motor.See "Related Questions" below for more

What could be the problem of a rear tag light not working on your 98 Mercury Grand Marquis if the fuses are all ok?

Burned out bulb?

Your ac heater and defrost in your 2000 montero stop working when a fuse was replaced it kept blowing the fuse what is the problem?

either the fuse that was put has too much wattage or not enough

What does the traction control solenoid looks like on a 2002 mercury grand marquis?

i have a 2002 grand marquis and when i driving on the highway at speed of 60 to 70 the light of traction control star to flash way is the problem

Why is a 98 mercury grand marquis blowing hot air when the air condition is on.?

Auto Climate control? If so it is a self-diagnosisng component- you will have to get codes and sequence from library or dealer--normally a blend door problem If not auto climate--check temperature control cable to see if bound or broken

What do you do when your heat is frozen up?

If this is the condenser that is frozen, you have a problem with the defrost cycle. There are 2 things that need to be checked, the defrost sensor and the defrost control board. More than likely it is the defrost control board that is the problem and of course that is the more costly of the 2.

Your overdrive light is on your Mercury Grand Marquis?

if it is blinking steadily without your input , button on the end of the gear shifter, then you have an internal transmission problem, or a pcm problem. Neither of which are cheap to fix.

Why does your 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis start to lose power on the highway?

I had the same problem coming from Detroit to Atlanta Lucky My Father in law was with me. He had had the same problem he just disconnected the sensor going to the air filter box and have had no problem since

Why is your car only blowing air at the feet?

If you can Not change the location of the air flow to the different outlets (defrost, dash, floor, etc) That sounds like a mode door problem or a mode door control knob.

86 mercury grand marquis stalls at stop signs and red lights. Car restarts immediately. Car runs fine in neutral or park.?

I experienced a problem with a 84 Grand Marquis that would stall at stops. Found that the ignition switch in the steering column had separated that caused the stalling problem. Replaced the ignition switch that solved the problem.

How do you reset the codes for 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

You can disconnect the battery and wait 5 minutes, but if you haven't fixed the problem, the light will come back on, if not immediately, sometime soon after.

How would the repair of the heater and air conditioning not blowing be made on a 1994 acura integra?

I own a 1994 acura integra and the heater/air conditioning blower is not working, I can not defrost my windows and the heat does not blow. What is wrong and how can the problem be fixed.

How do you find and fix the problem with the interior fan panel it is always blowing at your feet never goes defrost Grand Cherokee 1995 V8 Limited automatic fan?

the failure is with the "blend door" very expensive unless you are mechanical.

Your Ac and heat will not go to only vent and but is blowing softly on defrost floor and vent it is a 200 Chevy Impala what could be the problem?

You need to check the vacuum lines for the a/c system for leaks, breaks and loose ones first.......

My 2007 mercury grand marquis remote control won't unlock the front doors can somebody please tell me why?

I had the same problem... I had to replace the battery in my remote at the dealer... hope this helps