Your mileage counter and gas meter do not work for your 1996 dodge neon what should you do?

There are three things that you could do for this. Take off the top dash piece. It is all one piece just start from one side and work you're way to the other until all the clips are popped up. Then just pull it out. From there remove the two Allen screws on top of the instrument cluster. There are also four screws that need to be removed. Once all that is done slowly and gently pull the instrument cluster towards you. Now 1. Clean out the connectors on the car and the cluster. 2. If you look on the back of the cluster yolu'll see a circuit board. Take a soldering iron and touch each silver dob until it melts. That is all that is necessary for the soldering iron. 3. Go to a junkyard and pull a used cluster from a car the same year as yours.