Your mom and you feel you may have bipolar disorder but no one in your family that you know of had any mental problems however your mom does have anger issues you wonder if that could be a reason?

You don't necessarily need someone in your family to have bipolar in order for you to be diagnosed with it. I am bipolar and no one in my family that I am aware of has any type of mental illness. It can come 'out of the blue.' But, your mom's anger issues may stem from something else. I can't really say for sure because I don't know her. I believe that my mom suffers from depression from time to time. My family does not know about this at all. I like it that way. There are mood disorder screenings on-line to get a better picture. They cannot diagnose you but it will give you something to go on. Whether or not it turns out to be probable for bipolar on the screening, get it checked out by a doctor. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 31. Good luck!