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Your mom words the deed as a life estate and she passes and you want to sell the property how do you go out selling the house?

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2007-05-15 02:13:36

You'll need to make sure the house is in your name before you

sell it. Then, interview a few real estate people. You can get

names from friends who have used them, or use someone whose name

you see on the neighborhood for sale signs. They can tell you the

small things you'll need to do to make the house saleable. Do

those, and then hire one of them. This may cost you money in

commission (5 to 7%, may be negotiable). Otherwise, you can go to

one of those "sell by owner" places and they will help you for less

money. The final choice is to go directly to a title company and

they will handle the closing transaction for you and your buyer. A

real estate agent told me once that it is always worth trying to

sell it on your own for 3 weeks before signing with a real estate

agent. However, if you haven't gone through the process before, the

easiest is the real estate agent.

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