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Your muscle in your right hand kept jumping?

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What is kept in a butt?


Iwhy had mr Burke exiled prince terrien to the porch?

Mr. burke did this because Prince Terrien kept grabbing Mr. burke hand or sometimes jumping on him and licking Mr.burke face.

Where is the jack kept in a citroen c8 lx hdi?

you should find it located under the bonnet on the right hand side.

What is the record for the longest hand raising?

kept hand raised for 26 years

Who is kept the right leg first in moon?

Neil Armstrong kept his right leg first in moon..........

Why is your quad muscle loose and flabby and much smaller two years after knee injury?

Probably because the injury has kept you from exercising and using the muscle.

Did Napoleon Bonaparte have a hand disease?

No one is sure because he often kept his hand in his shirt sleeve, but it is unlikely.

How can credit card information be kept safe?

In your hand at all times

What includes in petty cash?

smalll amount of cash kept at hand

What conditions should a urine be kept at if testing can't be done right after it is collected?

it can be kept in refrigerator for 24hrs. if testing can't be done right after it is collected.

How long can a heart be kept once removed from a donor?

Under the right circumstances, it can be kept FOREVER.

Why does Elmo have a string attached to his hand?

In all entirely, the reason Elmo has a string attached to hia hand is he was too fat for the costume, so the string kept it sewn together and kept his fat from drooping out of his belly

What element will melt in the palm of your hand?

ceasium and gallium will melt if kept in palm

How much inventory should be kept on hand?

That depends on what sort of business you are running.

How do you use snout in a sentence?

The curious dog kept nosing my hand with his snout.

Carl Lewis ever had problem with thyroid disease?

Yes , Carl Lewis was diagnose with thyroid disease but he didn't let that hold him back. Carl kept long jumping and, he kept winning medal all type.

Are baseballs hand made?

yes, back in the 30's they had to make them by hand and they have kept on not using machines until the present day.

Is it possible to keep jumping spiders as pets?

yes, of course you can. I have kept a jumping spider for quite a while now, not hard to mantain either, I keep my spiders in a jar and regularly, everyweek change out the leaves and sticks. They survive well in captivity and are great pets.

Requiring that 15 percent of assets be kept on hand in a vault?

Banking regulation <APEX :)

How do you use shyness in a level 4 sentence?

My shyness kept me from raising my hand in class.

My astra estate boot won't open it believe it is the fuse that has blown where is the fuse kept and how do I change it?

its a 10 amp fuse under the bonnet on the right hand side take the cover off and its there a red one.

Your gal touched your inner part of the penis and then kept her hand inside her vagina are there any chances of getting pregnancy?

no..if it DID touch any semin it would still be impossible because if it is not in the vagina right away it dies

What is so startling about Tom Robinson as he was sworn to testify?

His hand kept slipping off because the hand he put on the Bible was his bad left arm.

Do you have pictures of bear dung?

yes we do have many pictures of bear dung but they are bein kept in anther place right now yes we do have many pictures of bear dung but they are bein kept in anther place right now yes we do have many pictures of bear dung but they are bein kept in anther place right now

What hand did Shakespeare write with?

Shakespeare is shown in his funerary monument holding a pen in his right hand. If the monument is accurate (and it was approved by people who knew him) that means that he wrote right-handed. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that to be left handed was considered literally "sinister", which is where we get the word from; it means left-handed and implies evil intent. It would have been completely slanderous to portray him holding a quill in his left hand in an official bust or portrait, regardless of fact. As a boy, his school master would have plucked the quill from his hand and placed it in his right hand had he showed any inclination to left-handedness, which was severely punished. This practice continued well into the 20th Century. The result was a high number of people who were ambidextrous.