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I had this very same instance come up and the police were called. They told me that as long as the payments were being made and you have proof of you making the payments on time, the cosigner has to leg to stand on when trying to take the car. So NO your cosigner can not take the car.

2008-01-24 05:28:50
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Q: Your name is the first name after the leasing company on the title your cosigner is trying to take your car you've made all your payments on time can they force you to give up your car?
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Can a cosigner be sued while original borrower is trying to make partial payments?

Sure. Partial performance = no performance. Or please, tell you boss if he has anything else he'd rather do with it, your fine with partial pay this month and next, and wouldn't think of holding him (or unemployment insurance) responsible.

Do personal loans generally require collateral or a consigned?

It really depends on your particular situation. If you are a young person like 25 or under and trying to get a loan, you may have to get a cosigner. If you have a history of good credit and are older, you should not have to get a cosigner.

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How can a cosigner be released from responsibility if other party wont pay our return vehicle?

cant , once the cosigner has signed that contract its legal and will remain that way unlesssss you wait till the final of the repo and they have sold the car and are trying to collect a balance from you then you file bancrupcy

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Can finace company put down payments on a customers account that they had never made and put down reversals made on the pay ment and then say insuficient funds?

If you had a dispute with a auto finance company that had put down that you had made a payment on a certain day and you and your bank no that you didnt but the finance company is trying to say that you did is it legal for this kind of stuff to be done?

Can the lender contact the cosigner without trying to contact the borrower first?

not likely that she has not been contacted. I know how my mom is at 80, she might not know who it was on the phone. Good Luck

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Yes. It is a common misconception that cosigners are not responsible for the debt of the primary on the account they signed. I'm not sure how that started, or why it persists, but cosigners, comakers, coguarantors, and cobuyers are equally responsible for the debt they sign with the primary. Collections agencies will not waste a lot of time trying to get a primary to pay when there is a cosigner who is easier to locate. And, because both are equally responsible, there is no need to even try to get the primary who is not paying to do what they are already not doing when the contract was written based on the better credit of the cosigner.

I was evicted two years ago is to late to fixes?

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