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You can call her to come pick it up in a certain amount of time or you will have it towed away. Towing a car (even if it's family) that is parked there without permission can be legally towed.

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Who is next in line in an intestate estate the step child or niece?

Generally the niece, unless the step child was legally adopted.Generally the niece, unless the step child was legally adopted.Generally the niece, unless the step child was legally adopted.Generally the niece, unless the step child was legally adopted.

What relationship is my niece to my mother?

Your niece would be your mothers granddaughter.

A mothers niece is what to a son?

1st cousin

How do you spell the daughter of your mothers daughter?

Niece. Your mother has children, you and your sister. So your mother's daughter is your sister. When she has a daughter, this is your niece.

What is the relationship between you and your mother's brother?

Your mothers brother is your uncle.You are your mothers brothers' niece (if you are female) or nephew (if you are male).

How do you call mothers sister?

Your mother's sister is your Aunt. You are her niece or nephew.

What relation is your grandfathers niece to you?

its your mothers or fathers cousin (or second cousin)

Who is your mothers brother to you?

Your mother's brother is your uncle. You are his niece (if you are a girl) or his nephew (if you are a boy).

What is the relation between my husband's niece and me?

You are legally her aunt through marriage.

Can you marry the niece of your wife?

Legally, you can, if you are no longer married to your wife - but it will make family dinners pretty awkward.

If an aunt died in Ohio and left her house to a niece in her will but the house is in the name of a different niece of hers who would get the house?

If the house was transferred by deed before the death of the testator then it was not owned by her at the time of death and didn't become part of her estate. The gift in the will would be void.

How do you call your mother's sister's sons daughter?

Mothers sister is aunt and son is cousin so daughter wouldn't that be a niece

Your half sister married your mothers brother what are their children to you?

The children are both your cousins[uncle's children]and your nephew and niece[sister's children].

How is your mother's niece's child related to me?

Your mothers niece is your first cousin. Your first cousin's child is your first cousin, once removed.

How is Paris Hilton related to little house character?

she is niece of kyle richards

What do you call the niece of your niece?

The niece of your niece is your great niece (or grand niece) because she is the daughter of your niece's sibling and thus the daughter of either your niece or your nephew.

What is the correct spelling for niece?

"Niece" is the correct spelling.

What happens to a deceased persons home and possessions if they are left to a niece and the niece legally declines same does the home and property revert back to the estate?

Yes, the property will stay in the estate to be distributed according to the will. Her part will be treated as not being there and the remainderman will get it.

Is your sister's niece through her marriage also your niece?

Since it's her husband's niece the niece is just your sister's niece through marriage and not your niece.

My father signed his power of attorney over to my step mother's niece and deeded their house to the step mother's niece What rights do I have as my father's only child?

The right to complain to your father.

What is the daughter of your niece called?

The daughter of your niece is your great niece. (Some say grand niece).

What relationship is your husband's niece to you?

Your husband's niece is your niece, and you are her aunt.

Who is your mothers uncles brothers daughter to you?

It would be your second cousin because your mothers uncle would be your great uncle his brother would still be your great uncle because he is still your mum's brother so then his daughter would your mum's niece and your cousin.

What if your niece is almost 17 and wants to live with you Her parents would not allow it How can you legally get her in your custody?

You would have to get a court order. There is going to have to be abuse or neglect in order for them to do that.

Is the daughter of your grand niece your niece also?

She is your great-grand niece.